Northern Territory National Emergency Response

This week, it’s been one year since the former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard launched the Northern Territory National Emergency Response, an initiative designed to bring safety and protection to Aboriginal communities, as well as bring about lasting economic change. The initiative has been described as a racist move by a racist Government, and the argument has been put forth by some sections of the community that it’s an attempt to keep Aboriginals down and remove their culture from them. This argument is false, it has always been to improve the lives of Australian citizens who have no jobs and few prospects in the towns in which they live.

From former Aboriginal Affairs Minister Mal Brough’s media release on the initiative:

Some of the major initiatives commencing the day after Royal Assent (RA), include:

  • Alcohol restrictions, with offences for breaching the conditions commencing 28 days later;
  • Acquisition of townships through five year leases over 26 communities commencing on the day after RA;
  • Licensing of community stores, with penalty provisions beginning 28 days later;
  • Audits of publicly funded computers, with offences for breaches commencing 28 days later; and

In addition:

  • The ban on prohibited (pornographic) material commences 28 days after RA;
  • Income management can begin the day following RA; and
  • The changes to the permit system will commence on Proclamation or six months
  • after RA, whichever is earlier.

The Northern Territory National Emergency Response was formed after a report, the “Little Children Are Sacred” (although “Sacred” could easily be switched with “Scared”) report, was released. The report contained true accounts of the worst kinds of abuse, often dealt out by drunk men. These changes are designed to stop Aboriginal people from being able to get drunk and fight, to stop damaging property, and to stop abusing children. This is a good goal, because the children certainly need protection and a nice safe home to live in. Under this intervention, if the children don’t attend school regularly, their parents’ welfare funding is cut off, and that stresses the children’s right to a good education, which can take them anywhere in the future.

All in all, it is not a racist move. It is attempting to bring the opportunities that Australia provides to communities that need a helping hand in becoming safe and prosperous.

Many of the communities are incredibly remote, well away from police officers, nurses, doctors and other services. It is the remoteness of these communities that make it so incredibly difficult for the support networks that would help these communities to be properly established. It’s also difficult to keep nurses, teachers, doctors and police officers in these area if they have white skin, because all too often, they get attacked and assaulted, often sexually.

This initiative doesn’t have as much support as it should, because of those who decry it as a racist move, and that those who support the Emergency Response are racists. Completely wrong; we just don’t want little children neglected, abused, starved, sexually abused, abandoned and killed. If the parents are unable to be located, or unwilling or unable to take care of their children, give the children opportunities like these. We shouldn’t be afraid to. Mal Brough understood this, having gone out there and seen what’s going on.

All of that makes me think that this is one of the most stupid plans I’ve heard of to raise awareness of how unhappy some people are with the intervention. They’ve never come to the table with a better plan.

And now for some appropriate music. “Will You Hold My Hand?”, written and performed by child-care worker Kimya Dawson. The full version of the lyrics are here. Thanks to Spot_The_Dog for this song.

4 Responses to “Northern Territory National Emergency Response”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Forget about the intervention, as soon as KRudd and co sign the latest pile of crap from the UN ANY “interferance” by anyone other than their own thugs will be over.

    This is the effective division of any country stupid enough to sign it. When even Canada and NZ arent stupid enough to sign a treaty youd have to question just how much it stinks.
    Ill point out KRudd has allready indicated he wants to sign.

    Click to access DRIPS_en.pdf

    A couple of highlights

    “..Recognizing in particular the right of indigenous families and communities
    to retain shared responsibility for the upbringing, training,
    education and well-being of their children, consistent with the rights
    of the child,

    No child will be removed from any community, not quite that blunt but close.

    “..Acknowledging that the Charter of the United Nations, the International
    Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights2 and the
    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,2 as well as the
    Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action,3 affirm the fundamental
    importance of the right to self-determination of all peoples,
    by virtue of which they freely determine their political status and
    freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development,
    Bearing in mind that nothing in this Declaration may be used to
    deny any peoples their right to self-determination, exercised in conformity
    with international law,”..

    In other words ATSIC with equal international standing as the Aus government…

    “Article 2
    Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other
    peoples and individuals and have the right to be free from any kind
    of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that
    based on their indigenous origin or identity.”
    Goodbye intervention…

    “Article 3
    Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue
    of that right they freely determine their political status and freely
    pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”
    2 countries in one land…

    “Article 4
    Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination,
    have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to
    their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing
    their autonomous functions.”..
    Helo taxpayer….

    “2. Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom,
    peace and security as distinct peoples and shall not be subjected to
    any act of genocide or any other act of violence, including forcibly
    removing children of the group to another group.”..
    Again, how does the intervention look if this is signed?

    “Article 8
    1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be
    subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.
    2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and
    redress for:
    (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them
    of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values
    or ethnic identities;
    (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing
    them of their lands, territories or resources;
    (c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim
    or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
    (d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
    (e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite
    racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.
    So goodbye to any talk of closing down disfunctional communities, mainstreaming, employment etc….

    “..Article 11
    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to practise and revitalize their
    cultural traditions and customs. This includes the right to maintain,
    protect and develop the past, present and future manifestations of
    their cultures, such as archaeological and historical sites, artefacts,
    designs, ceremonies, technologies and visual and performing arts
    and literature.
    2. States shall provide redress through effective mechanisms, which
    may include restitution, developed in conjunction with indigenous
    peoples, with respect to their cultural, intellectual, religious and spiritual
    property taken without their free, prior and informed consent
    or in violation of their laws, traditions and customs.”..
    Number 1 seems “nice” until you read it with section 2. Remember this is PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE damages bill.

    2. States shall take effective measures to ensure that this right is
    protected and also to ensure that indigenous peoples can understand
    and be understood in political, legal and administrative proceedings,
    where necessary through the provision of interpretation or by other
    appropriate means.
    Goodbye English teaching….

    “Article 14
    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their
    educational systems and institutions providing education in their
    own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of
    teaching and learning.”..
    Goodbye educational standards..

    3. States shall, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, take effective
    measures, in order for indigenous individuals, particularly children,
    including those living outside their communities, to have
    access, when possible, to an education in their own culture and provided
    in their own language.
    One of the ways suggested out of the poverty trap of poor education has been sending children to boarding schools outside difunctional communities…goodbye to that..

    “Article 23
    Indigenous peoples have the right to determine and develop priorities
    and strategies for exercising their right to development. In
    particular, indigenous peoples have the right to be actively involved
    in developing and determining health, housing and other economic
    and social programmes affecting them and, as far as possible, to
    administer such programmes through their own institutions.
    Hellllo ATSIC again…

    “Article 28
    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to redress, by means that can
    include restitution or, when this is not possible, just, fair and equitable
    compensation, for the lands, territories and resources which they
    have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which
    have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without
    their free, prior and informed consent.
    2. Unless otherwise freely agreed upon by the peoples concerned,
    compensation shall take the form of lands, territories and resources
    equal in quality, size and legal status or of monetary compensation
    or other appropriate redress.”..

    “2. States shall take effective measures to ensure that no storage or
    disposal of hazardous materials shall take place in the lands or territories
    of indigenous peoples without their free, prior and informed
    Goodbye any Nuclear dump in Oz a black/green alliance will see to that.

    It all ends with some bumf about not causing any harm to the country…what a crock of shite, this will be a real millstone for Australia and KRudd has stated it will be signed….

  2. Ash Says:

    Kevin Rudd is a fuckhead Mole, but you didn’t need me to tell you that for you to know it.

    I’ve got a post in the works about it, but I’m trying out a new challenge and writing it in phonetics, so it may take a while.

    Damn these schools and making me learn to write properly!

  3. nilk Says:

    Regarding these idiots that push for separatism, I say give it to them.

    Then remove all the things that the white man provides, like electricity, water, medicine, education, transport, communications, money.

    They want their own country? Here, have this bit of land. We’ll even put a border fence around it for you so we’ll know to keep out unless you want us in.

    Off you go, run along to your own little Indigenous Paradise, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    For those who are willing to play with the rest of us nicely, no problemo, you are more than welcome. We don’t give a flying what colour you are, what shape you are, or whether you follow God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. So long as you want to work with us, you’re not against us.

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Im afraid the treaty has it both ways, unending fundinginto the future in whatever shape or form the aggrieved want it to be.
    Another lawyers and activists picknick

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