Obama Loses His Teflon Sheen. A two part story of a candidate with “Chicago Style” politics, in his blood.


Barack Obama is endangering his status as the media darling of the 2008 presidential campaign. In fact, he has been the villain in the campaign story over the last few days. Two decisions — one small and one large — showed the dangers he faces. And a third showed that the post-racial candidate is no longer in evidence. It is no secret that the media has been openly rooting for Obama for months. His gaffes would have felled other candidates, his relationship with hate-mongering preachers would have disqualified mere mortal candidates and, of course, his lack of any national record of accomplishment might have prevented all much the most ego-inflated from even mounting a White House run. But it was hanging together fairly well until last week.

The trigger for the downward slide was his decision to abandon public financing. The decision made cold political sense given his likely enormous advantage over the McCain camp but there were two complicating factors: he had shaped his career as a “reformer” and he specifically promised that he would take public financing and the rules that go along with it.

To make matters worse he concocted a false and misleading, indeed an “operatic” explanation that those mean Republicans forced him to take private money.

Not unexpectedly, the McCain camp went nuclear, accusing Obama of all manner of dishonesty and making the connection between this reversal flip-flops on other substantive issues.

Moreover, many of his good government, liberal allies were distressed. What’s more, they went public with their distress.

And for once, the media joined in  the Obama-bashing and perhaps was even harsher. It was the “low point” according to a usually sympathetic David Brooks. Clearly, the press, which had sheltered Obama from virtually every dicey incident to date, had had enough. The criticism was sharp and virtually uniform. When added to his decision to duck town hall meetings with McCain –which Obama had also said he would do, before he thought better of it — the dean of the mainstream media, David Broder was forced to admit that Obama’s “motives” might be open to question.

Part two, Pajamas Media

This will not matter to the ‘progressive’ media. They will forgive the favorite son. The same goes for the Leftist elites. The masses of dullards in this nation, as I think the article points to, just follow, like lemmings.

All of these people wanted “change”. Unfortunately, lies, other deceitful items, gaffes, or listening to sermons for 20 years, on “whitey” and how dreadful it is to live in Dred Scott America, will matter not. People want change and they will probably get it. It will be for the worse, the change that is, but honestly, they could give a damn.


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3 Responses to “Obama Loses His Teflon Sheen. A two part story of a candidate with “Chicago Style” politics, in his blood.”

  1. Java Says:

    He just needs enough time to hang himself further…I don’t doubt that he will. It’s unavoidable.

  2. twolaneflash Says:

    Plenty of people give a damn and it’s a long road through the conventions to November. Straw man candidates from the left have not faired well in the last couple of elections. Other than, “did I mention he’s black”, Obama has no more substance, and fewer credentials, than Gore or Kerry. The American electorate will hopefully be voting for love of country, not for hatred of candidates or parties. At the bottom of the racial, religious, political, and economic division that Obama has injected into this presidential election, is the ignorant hatred that is the foundation of every one of his positions. The racist mentors and associates, his terrorist friends, his “worship” group, the Democratic party, his tax plans, are all centered around the politics of envy and hate, and his desire to see their envy translate into his election. This straw man of The Chicago Machine is a thinly veiled communist, which is his greatest danger to America.

    Unfortunately, there are enough have nots, will nots, and do nots in this country, who believe they will be on Easy Street when Obama is President, to make it a close election, imho. Voting Obama lets them stick it to The Man, and dude, what’s not to like about that, Jack Black?

  3. yojimbo Says:

    I guess we will still call it the White House because we just learned that Obama ain’t authentic. According to the SCLC-that would be the Southern Christian Leadership Council for those of you playing the home version-he has no slave blood. His adorable wife does but him,nada. I have no idea what this means, and for me it doesn’t mean anything one way or the other, but for the identity politics crowd possibly another story.

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