Obama dismisses Dobson criticism about Bible….

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Barack Obama said Tuesday that evangelical leader James Dobson was “making stuff up” when he accused the presumed Democratic presidential nominee of distorting the Bible.

Dobson used his Focus on the Family radio program to highlight excerpts of a speech Obama gave in June 2006 to the liberal Christian group Call to Renewal.

Speaking to reporters on his campaign plane before landing in Los Angeles, Obama said the speech made the argument that people of faith, like himself, “try to translate some of our concerns in a universal language so that we can have an open and vigorous debate rather than having religion divide us.”

Obama added, “I think you’ll see that he was just making stuff up, maybe for his own purposes.”

Hmmm….people of faith, like himself. Is that the “God Damn America” faith, Obama? I really don’t know a hell of a lot about the Bible, Obama…So do tell where the “God Damn America” part is. Let’s see 20 years or so of listening to that. Hey do you think Rev. Wright knows, where the “God Damn America” part is?


Tiz rather obvious, Rev. Wright’s ranting are part of your entire make up, Obama. Why I saw your hands right on your crotch, while the National Anthem was being played. I believe your back was to that “God Damn America” flag, as well.

Berkeley Marine Center Protesters Greet ‘Star Spangled Banner’ With Nazi Salutes

Damn forgot….Breitbart TV

Sorry Tim

Surely no-one would be supporting leaving Mugabe in Power…?

Lower than a snakes ballbag in a dry creek bed, I present the Gruinaids Simon Jenkins a man so consumed by the guilt of colonialism, that genocide is preferable to any action at all.

If his face is that wrinkly just magine what his ballbag looks like

Just how big a dick is he, here he is after hours…

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Man Who Held McCain Captive in ‘Hanoi Hilton’ Says He Would Vote For Him

Obama: McCain’s Energy Plan Is a Gimmick

Newsweek Video

Your plan Obama, is?

Multi-National Force-Iraq Commander’s Counterinsurgency Guidance

Now the REAL SCOTUS….Supreme Court Flexes Its Muscles in Boumediene Decision

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is ‘Totally Badass’

The Onion

Rest In Peace: Jane McGrath

Jane McGrath is the wife of Australian cricketer (Test bowler) Glenn McGrath. She was a powerful lady, not in influence, but in spreading her warmth and joy to others. Jane was only 42 when she passed away from cancer, after a battle in which the terrible disease hit her twice. 

Jane, while working to save her life through work with excellent doctors, established the McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation to fund more breast care nurses to help women receiving treatment. Jane was always fairly open about the disease, and was constantly attempting to help others. 

Jane and husband Glenn were the picture of Cricket Royalty. He’s fantastic at his chosen sport, and she was fantastic on the sidelines. She was devoted to him, and they often brought a smile to the face of anyone watching. 

Jane was a strong woman, often taking time out from whatever she was up to to spread the word to people to get checked for breast cancer, and offering support to others in need. 

Rest in Peace Jane. 

Stand, Sit or Lay Down for bits and pieces of the Sicilian National Anthem

HEY! What happened to The Italian National Anthem?

as if i didn’t know 😉

Don’t say, we didn’t give plenty of warning. OH and thanks Feds, prohibtion really helped. We even let old man Kennedy run some booze.

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