Melbourne Has Super Cool Forests

And In Other Important News…

Critt’s snuck back in.

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From The Deep Archives Of TimBlair.Net

The Plight of the Morally Superior

By the magnificent Lyle

We are the eco-egotists,
Embrace our latest fad.
When we speak Truth to Power,
Just one thing makes us mad.

It’s not the rich and powerful,
They too share the dream.
To have their cake and eat it,
Engorged on self-esteem.

This cake is baked with vanity,
Self-worship and pretense.
For narcissistic poseurs,
With little common sense.

No, our hatred is reserved,
For those we can’t evade.
Who doubt our moral grandeur,
And rain on our parade.

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Nice going Dems. You love strangling this nation.

The SCOTUS ruling…

McCain backs gun decision, Obama straddles issue/ Breitbart.

Straddles? As mentioned earlier…Obama could play one person tennis.

Just think…Hussein becomes Prez….What kind of appointments to SCOTUS, with a leftist rubber stamp Congress, will he make?

An Official Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The next two years of this federal Labor Government are going to be long and strenuous, and I feel it’s time for the country to change. So I wish to announce that I’ll be forming my own political party, the Federation for Unity, Clarity, Kinship and the Rapid Undoing of Dud Decisions party. The Federation will be announcing our policies over the next few months, and will work to ensure that our policies meet the needs of the conservative base.

The Federation will be working to bring the economy back into our society, to ensure that we make no dud decisions such as to sign the Kyoto Protocol, to reverse WorkChoices, or to hike taxes without a mandate to do so before the election. The Federation will also reverse stupid decisions such as to sign the Kyoto Protocol, to reverse WorkChoices and to hike taxes without a mandate to do so before the election. We believe that you, the people, have the right prior to an election to know exactly what the Federation and all other parties stand for, so you can make your vote count. We will also be working to reform the voting system, to ensure that every vote counts only once. Each voter will only have to place a “1” in the box next to their chosen candidates’ name. Preferential voting will be done away with.

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A Message to Iran

Thanks, Carlos.

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Supreme Court Affirms 2nd Amendment 5-4

Links to all the details are here, but in a nutshell, the court struck down the D.C. handgun ban, and this will probably affect similar laws in Chicago and New York City.

Not sure if we dodged a bullet, or if they did.

Pay gap at centre of equality bill

Financial Times

Employers will be forced to allow staff to discuss what they are paid under plans for “empowering the resentful” legions of underpaid women being set out by the government on Thursday.

An equality bill in the autumn will outlaw the “gagging clauses” being used by one in four employers to prevent staff from discussing their remuneration, Harriet Harman, the minister for women and equality, will on Thursday tell MPs.

But the bill will not require all employers to conduct audits showing the gender pay gap in the company. Ms Harman lost a battle to make such audits mandatory for the private sector – an outcome that will relieve business but incense unions.

The minister said on Wednesday that the equality legislation, being introduced in December’s Queen’s Speech, would nonetheless “set the cat among the pigeons” by ensuring greater openness.

The “British reserve about discussing pay” has contributed to a “lurking entrenchment of discrimination,” Ms Harman said. More than three decades after the Equal Pay Act of 1970, men in full-time jobs are still paid on average 17 per cent more than women in equivalent full-time posts.

Salary statistics
Gap between full-time
men and women 17%

Gap between full-time
men and part-time

Gap within some government departments Treasury 26%

Transport 21%

Work and pensions 7%

Equalities Office –4%

The percentage gap measures the extent to which the equivalent hourly rates of pay are higher for men than women. The minus sign for the equalities office shows that women are paid more than their male counterparts

“Let’s get [pay] out in the open … of course gagging clauses have got to go,” Ms Harman said. “What is absolutely key to making change is empowering the resentful. Women suspect that men in their own workplace are paid more than them … but it’s quite difficult for them to challenge it when they don’t actually know what the pattern of pay is … ”

The government will encourage the equality watchdog to take action against the City over unequal pay, the minister said. “We’ll have the Equality and Human Rights Commission going after particular sectors which are particularly problematic, like the financial services sector, where it’s a 45 per cent pay gap, or after the construction industry, which is a chronic under-employer of black and Asian people.”

Ministers also intend to use the government’s hefty procurement power to “drive transparency into the 30 per cent of the private sector” that supply goods and services to the state.

Private companies contracting with the state, as well as public sector employers, will be required to produce audits showing the gender pay gap, as well as the proportions of their staff that come from ethnic minorities or are disabled.

* The government will on Thursday again vow to tackle age discrimination. But the Financial Times understands the thorny issue of insurers’ treatment of older customers is likely to be the subject of further talks between the industry and ministers. In principle, the government wants age-related premium increases or policy exclusions to be used only when actuarially justified.

OK, First. Never have understood this one, Brits. A Queen is revered, but women in the workplace are just tolerated? Paid less?

No doubt at least one of your spawn, has the same discrimination in place and I suspect that all of England’s spawn do.

The U.S. hell yes. Same work, less pay. Why?
The Canadians will have to bring me up to speed on their situation. If so, why?
Australia. Under the skirt (you know what I mean) of the Queen. Same work, less pay? If so, why?

I hate to make a comparison such as…BUT when men can shit watermelons, which I believe MAY come close to women giving birth, I have trouble understanding why there is inequality in wages earned for the same damn job or profession.

* I’ll have to do some looking as to who/whom stated this…The term used was ageist. Guess what, whomever was correct.

Discrimination based on age is fine, as long as the OLD MEN that are Presidents of companies (which is typically the case) OR the Boards of Directors, are discriminated against like older MALE workers. Sure let it rip.

By the way, I do understand that the older one becomes the more that could go wrong with the body and mind. Case in point…A 38 year old male drops dead. Poor old shit, 38 years of age. (Ummm, sarcasm, people. Just in case you didn’t recognize it).

Would someone with more brain power then I have, explain this to me? Use small words, please.

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Question…What if the Supreme Court were made an Elective versus a Selective process?

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