Memo to (ret) Gen. Wesley Clark: STFU


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3 Responses to “Memo to (ret) Gen. Wesley Clark: STFU”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    I say keep him talking. Put him on every news show you can find 24/7 until the election. Just make sure those soundbites are heard in middle America. His comments are revulsive and they will be connected to Obama after a time. This is an attempt to redefine patriotism to suit Obama and it will result in a negative backlash. That is certainly not America’s view of McCain and it never will be.

    Keep Clark in it so we can win it!!:)

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    I agree with the Yojimbo. The more stupid people aligned with Obama make stupid remarks, the more people will realize that this is a group we don’t want running the country. We’ve got idiots enough as it is.

  3. Ron B Says:

    I won’t depend on anything that Wes Clark said. He brown nosed to the top and then peters princple caught up with him and he was releaved from NATO command early.

    This guy makes Kerry look like a look good.

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