Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding

Hitch, love ya’ my man…but ya’ gotta’ drop some of that waistline….Breitbart TV Video

Hitchens describes the experience: “… on top of the hood, three layers of enveloping towel were added. In this pregnant darkness, head downward, I waited until I abruptly felt a slow cascade of water going up my nose … I held my breath for a while and then had to exhale and – as you might expect – inhale in turn.”

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5 Responses to “Christopher Hitchens Undergoes Waterboarding”

  1. Dave Surls Says:

    “Believe Me, It’s Torture”–Chris

    Believe me, it isn’t. I could show you what real torture is, but you wouldn’t be writing any articles after our training session was over.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    Too bad he didn’t volunteer to undergo beheading.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    What the bleep does “pregnant darkness” mean? Ya get more bucks or a better rep among the chattering class for writing garbage like that? I’ll leave a pregnant pause before hitting the “submit comment” thingy.

  4. tizona Says:


    Could be Hitchen’s is referring to his…ummmm, portly shape, with the “pregnant” part. That booze and good life food belly, is rather prominent.

    I’m rather proud of Hitch, taking up the cause against Islam, after his very good friend Rushdie, was put under the order of death, by the Mullets.

  5. yojimbo Says:

    Cidster. Agreed, but does he have to do it with all that pretentious language. Makes me thing of all those literary types who have to use a french word or phrase in everyone of their articles just to show how sophisticated they are.

    Although a quote like that becomes Googleable(no, I don’t know if that’s a real word either).

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