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He will be eligible for parole in the year 3209, according to the Parker County District Attorney’s Office.

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This takes the…frostin…ummm Sauce.

BBQ Sauce-Covered Intruder: ‘It’s My Disguise’

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We in the U.S., have some of the most fucked up people, ever birthed on this earth. No Shit!

Oh yeah. This dude will make one hell of a president…

Obama’s past comments on Iraq troop withdrawal

Barack Obama’s policy for bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq as stated on his Web site:

“Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq. He will remove one to two combat brigades each month, and have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months. Obama will make it clear that we will not build any permanent bases in Iraq. He will keep some troops in Iraq to protect our embassy and diplomats; if al Qaeda attempts to build a base within Iraq, he will keep troops in Iraq or elsewhere in the region to carry out targeted strikes on al Qaeda.”

Obama has not been as unequivocal in his public statements, culminating Thursday when he said he would “continue to refine my policy.”

– In November he told the New York Times: “As commander in chief, I’m not going to leave trainers unprotected. In our counterterrorism efforts, I’m not going to have a situation where our efforts can’t be successful. If the commanders tell me that they need X, Y and Z, in order to accomplish the very narrow mission that I’ve laid out, then I will take that into consideration.”

– In March, he told the Washington Post: “There will be far fewer Americans in Iraq conducting a much more limited set of missions. The precise size … will depend on consultations with our military commanders and … the circumstances on the ground, including the willingness of the Iraqi government to move toward political accommodation.”

– In a March speech, he said: “We will have to make tactical adjustments, listening to our commanders on the ground, to ensure that our interests in a stable Iraq are met, and to make sure that our troops are secure.”

– In June, on MSNBC, he said: “I’ve also consistently said that I will consult with military commanders on the ground and that we will always be open to the possibility of tactical adjustments.”

– On Tuesday on MSNBC, Obama’s foreign policy adviser Susan Rice said: “He has said that the best military advice he’s received leads us to believe that we can safely withdraw our forces at the pace of one to two combat brigades per month, and depending on the number of combat brigades he inherits, our best estimate is that that could be accomplished in roughly 16 months. That’s not a deadline. That’s a timetable, and obviously as Sen. Obama has said on numerous occasions, he will listen to his commanders on the ground, he will follow and heed their advice as he decides how at the strategic level we must proceed.”

OH my. Where does this leave Wesley. Oh yeah…Vice President?


The Obama Shift…tiz a football formation/play. When I played, it was called the “double reverse”. This is an attempt at the phenomenal, TRIPLE reverse

Tonight at midnight features, Gatlinburg, TN Midnight Fourth of July Parade and fireworks. Gatlinburg honors the Fourth at midnight, so you don’t have to. Hey, we do our part.

This may be struck down, or reversed as it is NOT SCOTUS. BUT with SOME SCOTUS recent decisions, who knows..


Part of this entry reads thusly:

Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled.

Hope you like my choice in music, black robed Taliban. You know, maybe Hussein Obama is right. Time for “change”. Mine would be armed “change” Obama, what do you think?

In fact this is for you, oh black robed ones:


How to check your car’s Air Conditioner: Courtesy, a friend.

Spring is coming so Summer is right around the corner, make sure to check your A/C before it gets too hot!!

How to check your car’s Air Conditioner:
First, roll up the windows, turn the A/C on Hi,
then put the tester in the car.

After five minutes, check the tester.

If you get this result? Then your A/C is working fine.

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Obama TV Bio Glorifies, Doesn’t Scrutinize…Biography: Barack Obama is generous in its treatment of the title subject and predictably lacks critical material.


Television audiences don’t turn to the Biography Channel for the final say on a presidential candidate, but even by the channel’s standards their examination of Sen. Barack Obama comes up woefully short.

It may not be fair to call Biography: Barack Obama a glorified campaign ad, but suffice to say the senator’s chief media strategist gets the most screen time of all the talking heads assembled.

Don’t expect the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, or other explosive Obama allies to make many appearances here.

The special won’t air until late summer/early fall, but it’s being given a DVD release July 3 in Wal-Mart stores to let people get to know the man who may very well become the 44th president of the United States.

Even die-hard Obamamaniacs won’t learn much new, or helpful, about his stances on key issues. Critics complain the senator’s “Change” motif is free of real content, but it sounds downright philosophical compared to the lack of detail here.

The story begins, where else, with the senator’s coming out party — the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

There, the untested, unknown state senator delivered a hopeful speech filled with the same unity message the country would hear much more of four years later.

The special then reverses course to share how Obama’s parents first met. We meet the couple through old pictures, learning how their interracial coupling yielded a single child, Barack Hussein Obama.

Young Obama spent his first few years in Hawaii, but he wouldn’t stay there long. He later lived in Kenya and Indonesia before returning stateside. That familial instability marked his childhood years. His mother and father split while Barack was only a child, and later his mother sent him to live with his grandparents in the U.S. The constantly shifting of homes, plus a gnawing realization that his skin color made him different, took hold.

Identity struggles marked his teen years. Was he black? White? Regardless, he had trouble fitting in. His home life didn’t help. While the special strains to avoid painting Obama’s father in a negative light, it’s clear he made very little effort to get to know his son. And his mother’s temporary abandonment clearly didn’t help.

While presidential hopeful Bill Clinton shocked some — and amused others — with his, ‘I didn’t inhale” confession, Obama’s drug use is just another part of his biography.

Obama complains of dealing with racism in his teen years, but the special can’t give us any examples to help us better understand his plight. He felt a growing affinity for those in poverty, yet he attended reputable schools, always wore clean, crisp clothes in his pictures, and, to the evidence on display here, looks to have had a middle class upbringing save time spent in impoverished Indonesia.

Page 1 of 2, on The Messiah/ Pajamas Media


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MPs to probe speculators as oil touches $146

Concern over the possible role of speculators in driving record crude oil prices has prompted the House of Commons’ Treasury select committee to hold its first hearing into regulation of London’s oil markets, John McFall, the committee’s chairman, said on Thursday.

The development is a sign that the intense political pressure to address – or, at least, be seen to address – the causes of high oil prices are emerging in Britain after initially appearing in the US. In recent weeks, Congress has held multiple hearings on the issue.

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200 Opposition Supporters Seek Refuge at U.S. Embassy in Harare

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe says about 200 people are seeking refuge at the American embassy in the capital.

James McGee said by phone Thursday that the group was from the opposition headquarters in Harare. Opposition supporters have been coming under attack from supporters of President Robert Mugabe.

Riot police were seen at the embassy as well as people with small bundles of possessions. Police said they did not have immediate comment.

McGee said embassy officials were working with humanitarian organizations to find accommodation for the group.

More than 300 opposition supporters who sought refuge at the South African embassy last week were taken to a camp outside the capital.

Wonder if Bobbie Mugabe, will make the mistake of breaking into the U.S. Embassy, as his Persian friends once did.

Carter the Eunuch did nothing. If Bobbie chooses to do so in the final days of Bush II, let us hope Bush finally rids the world of Bobby Mugabe.

I’d be sadly disappointed if Bush did nothing.

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Former Hanoi Hilton POW Defends McCain Military Service Against Gen. Clark’s Attacks

Fox News/ Hannity and Colmes (Ollie North sitting in for Hannity)

Gotta’ love this guy…He uttered a word, that gave me my 15 minutes of fame in Australia compost when referring to the Washington Post.

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Ahamadinejad: Death to Infidel Bloggers

Ahmadingleberry’s “legislative body” is “debating” “legislation” that would make “corrupt” blogging…

… punishable by death, or worse (There goes my monthly allotment of scare-quotes already).

“TEHERAN – Iran’s parliament is set to debate a draft bill which could see the death penalty used for those deemed to promote corruption, prostitution and apostasy on the Internet, reports said on Wednesday.
MPs on Wednesday voted to discuss as a priority the draft bill which seeks to “toughen punishment for harming mental security in society,” the ISNA news agency said.

The text lists a wide range of crimes such rape and armed robbery for which the death penalty is already applicable. The crime of apostasy (the act of leaving a religion, in this case Islam) is also already punishable by death.

However, the draft bill also includes “establishing weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy”, which is a new addition to crimes punishable by death.

Those convicted of these crimes “should be punished as “mohareb’ (enemy of God) and “corrupt on the earth’,” the text says.

Under Iranian law the standard punishments for these two crimes are “hanging, amputation of the right hand and then the left foot as well as exile.”

The bill — which is yet to be debated by lawmakers — also stipulates that the punishment handed out in these cases “cannot be commuted, suspended or changed”.

Internet is widely used in Iran despite restrictions on access and the blocking of thousands of websites with a sexual content or deemed as insulting religious sanctities and promoting political dissent.

Blogging is also very popular among cyber-savvy young Iranians, some openly discussing their private lives or criticising the system.”

This is no surprise if you understand the historical influence Naziism has had on modern Islam: The two anti-Zionist ideologies are one and the same, Islam is just masquerading as a religion.

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