CIA Infiltrates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: Finds Mountains of Dirt

What do the Lockerbie Pan Am Bombing, the Lebanon Marine Corps Barracks Bombing, and the Khobar Towers Bombing have in common? Iran was behind them all.

Per “Kahlil” whose CIA code name is “Wally.” This is a real, actual undercover CIA operative we’re talking about, not some bitch like Valerie Plame, who flew a fucking desk.

“The men who ordered the destruction of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie and the bombings of the Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon, the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, and the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia are pursuing the nuclear program in Iran and with one goal in mind: to obtain The Bomb.

And they want to destroy you.

After the Iranian Revolution, I was an officer in the Revolutionary Guards. I was also a spy working for the CIA, code name Wally. My position in the Guards gave me access to the Khomeini regime’s deep secrets and a firsthand look at the unfolding horror: torture, rapes, executions, assassinations, suicide bombers, training of terrorists, and the transfer of arms and explosives to other countries to support terrorist attacks. I risked my life and my family’s trying to expose this regime because I believed it should be stopped. Once again I incur such risks to bring awareness that lack of action endangers the world.

In the mid-80s, I reported to the CIA that the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence unit had information that Saddam Hussein had made a strategic decision to acquire nuclear arms. I heard this from several sources within the Guards and also in a conversation with a member of the intelligence unit, who told me that the Guards were informed through arms dealers in the black market that Saddam was desperately looking for an atomic bomb. It was then that the Guards’ commanders and Iranian leadership decided to go nuclear and actively shop for components in the black market because they made a determination that the Iran-Iraq war could not have been won without a nuclear bomb. Mohsen Rezaei, then-commander of the Revolutionary Guards, requested permission from Ayatollah Khomeini to make Iran a nuclear power. Khomeini agreed.

Some years later, while I was stationed in Europe working for the CIA, I met with three Iranian agents who were shopping for nuclear parts. The agents confirmed what I had heard through the Guards: that Hashemi Rafsanjani had promised retaliation for the downing of an Iranian civilian jet by a U.S. warship over the Persian Gulf on July 3, 1988, toward the end of the Iran-Iraq war. According to the U.S government, an inexperienced crew mistakenly identified the Iranian Airbus as an attacking F-14 fighter; 290 people were killed. The agents said it was Rafsanjani who ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on Dec. 21, 1988, which killed 270 people. They also talked about involvement of a Palestinian man and the radio transmitter that carried the bomb, information that I passed on to the CIA. I made an assessment at that time that Iran had ordered, through surrogates, the bombing of the Pan Am flight.

There was not much of a follow-up on Iran’s involvement in that incident because Rafsanjani had become the president of Iran, and my CIA contact told me to consider Rafsanjani the new king of Iran. It was apparent to me that President George H.W. Bush was going to support and trust Rafsanjani as the new ruler of Iran. He was promised cooperation and good relations by the mullahs, and the U.S. administration and the CIA in turn were convinced that the mullahs were open to a new chapter in Iran-U.S relations.

I believed then, as I do now, that the mullahs would never abandon their ambitions, and that after 29 years of negotiations by Europe and world powers, the world has yet to understand that the mullahs will not change direction or behavior. In the early ’90s, the senior Bush administration and the CIA finally realized they were being duped — the mullahs’ promises never materialized. The CIA asked me to look for an Iranian who could testify that Iran was in the process of making a nuclear bomb. That request was later withdrawn.

Iran remains the main sponsor of terrorism around the world. Iranian consulates, embassies, airlines, and shipping line offices are the main hub for terrorist activities. Money, arms, and explosives are transferred through these centers to fund terrorist groups and jihadists. Quds Force units of the Revolutionary Guards use the Iranian consulates as their command and control centers to plan and carry out assassinations, kidnappings, and terrorist activities. The mullahs even transferred money and arms in state visits using their high-ranking officials, knowing full well that because of diplomatic immunity they would not be subject to search during such visits. As I reported to the CIA, these activities were closely coordinated through Iran’s foreign ministry, the ministry of intelligence, and the Revolutionary Guards.”

I fucking double-dog dare any terrorist-loving leftard to read the whole enchelada. It’s three pages of detailed history, which I’m sure is too much for any 25 IQ leftard moron to process.

We should have bombed Iran years ago, or assassinated all of its “leaders.”

17 Responses to “CIA Infiltrates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: Finds Mountains of Dirt”

  1. tizona Says:

    Obama will…Ummm, read it that is. You are correct, he won’t, can’t and never will process it.

    McCain’s plan is much easier on the Nervous Nellie’s of the world. McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes.

  2. tizona Says:

    Addendum to my comment:

    Political Play: Wife pokes McCain in the back.

    PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) – Cindy McCain’s jab to her husband’s back came a second too late Tuesday to keep him from making a wisecrack about the health impact of Iran’s main import from the United States: cigarettes.

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain was asked about an Associated Press report that $158 million in cigarettes have been shipped to Iran during George W. Bush’s presidency despite restrictions on U.S. exports to that country.

    “Maybe that’s a way of killing them,” McCain told reporters, smiling as he waited for a cheesesteak sandwich at the Primanti Brothers restaurant. His wife, sitting next to him at the counter, poked his back without looking up.

    “I meant that as a joke,” McCain quickly explained. “As a person who hasn’t had a cigarette in 28 years,” he began to say, when his wife corrected him: 29 years.

    Taking a more serious tone, McCain said, “I’d like to look into” details of exports to Iran. “This is the first that I’ve heard about it,” he said.


    To me, this “poke” and “correction”, by Cindy McCain, shows these people as REAL, not some dumb shits listening to a racist for 20 some years…and becoming proud just THIS YEAR.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    So that’s where all of that AP research and fact checking capability went to, tracking cig sales to Iran. I was wondering where it had gone since it went non-existent when covering the war in Iraq.

    This is really good news, now I can sleep at night.

  4. sabir Says:

    you are so narrow minded. the west holds monopoly of double standard but not of violence. You help Saddam kill so many now you want to face Iran. Better ask Isreal about Hezbolla’s capability cos that will givw U a bird eye view of How capable Iran is a making the whole western parasites a history. from africa across the whole islamic worls the sword of saladin will be raised again. have manners brother………Islam is a faith whose relevance no one can do withpout…….if we want nuclear free mid esat start by dismantling the zionist arsenal….Iran will be nuclear armed inSha Allah……..i like people like King but you assasinate him. Africa will produce the next crop of leaders in Jihad agaisnt global injustice and western imperialism.

  5. Ash Says:

    Sabir, has it ever occurred to you that if you want violence, we can bring it in spades? If the US and the Allies ever really wanted to let loose, there would be no little Arab shitholes left and the entire region would be uninhabitable.

    Hezb’allah is weak, and has been ever since Israel kicked their asses last time. It says a lot about Hezb’allah that they have to hide amongst their innocent civilians so they can try to win the propaganda war when Israel kicks their asses. Hezb’allah are nothing but weak cowards.

    Iran doesn’t stand a chance against the US. If Iran ramps up how much they intend on hurting the US, they’ll be decimated. The US is fucking great.

    I can do just fine without the Islamic faith.

    Israel never needs to dismantle their arsenal, because they have every right to defend themselves against the violence you’re so proud of.

  6. TimH Says:

    Sabir, to a degree, you are right, that the west is “so narrow minded”, but, do you deny that you are also narrow minded?
    I think that Islam holds the monopoly on (mindless) violence, these days.
    Of course we want to face Iran, the Mullahs are not to be trusted, as they have vowed to destroy Israel and other Western countries too, so why would we not face up to the blatant threat?
    Hezbolla certainly isn’t strong enough to beat Israel and the greater West, when we come in on the side of Israel, which we certainly will, be warned!
    Islam may raise the sword of saladin, but we will still beat you, swords are so passe 🙂
    We have manners, do you?
    I can certainly do without your faith.
    “Dismantling the zionist arsenal… Iran will be nucleur armed in BlahBlah”, we call that double standards in the West, Sabir!
    I certainly wasn’t responsible for the assassination of MLK, I was too young!
    And that you think that “Africa will produce the next crop of leaders in Jihad agaisnt global injustice and western imperialism”, well, you are very probably correct when you say that, as they have already begun it, but we are onto it and will stop them, even if they are contained within the continent.
    Sad for the ordinary people though, don’t you think?
    Sabir, the Crusaders beat you before and the modern West will beat you this time too, why don’t you just give up now?

  7. Third Zionist Whore Says:

    Sabir, I hate to be the one to tell you that an unscheduled sunrise can be brought to any of your puppet masters at any time. You think mercy is a sign of weakness …. it is not and it will not go on indefinitely.
    If you seek peace you will find it. I have seen precious little seeking of peace from Muslims such as your self ….. only submission to Islam. I will not submit ever. Period. So, it looks like we have a problem don’t we? I have no desire to destroy your country but I will not let you destroy mine. Ever.

  8. bingbing Says:

    What is your malfunction, Sabir? Religion of peace? Have a listen to yourself. But you got one thing right. We are enemies.

  9. Ash Says:

    TZW, I’m so stealing the “unscheduled sunrise” line.

  10. Dave Surls Says:

    “western imperialism.”

    It’s the Muslims who are the imperialists and colonialists.

    Israel belongs to the west not to the Muslim invaders, as does Turkey, Egypt and numerous other places currently under occupation by the Muslim enemy, and eventually we will drive you out, and recover every square inch of the lands that rightly belong to us.

    Yesterday we drove you out of Cordoba, today out of Jerusalem, tomorrow it will be Constantinople and Damascus.

    Death to the Muslim imperialists.

  11. Dave Surls Says:

    “Hezbolla’s capability”

    They fight like little girls. They creep out from behind the skirts of their women to make war on civilians and then run back to hide like the cowardly dogs they are, as soon as an IDF soldier so much as approaches them.

    Soon, America will turn its attention to the destruction of the Hezbollah swine and their masters in Tehran, and when we do, the followers of Khomeni will run like whipped curs from the warriors of the West, just as the Baathist swine and the Taliban swine have done.

  12. tizona Says:

    Sir Dave, do not mince words. Say what you mean clearly and directly, even if you upset people by doing this. 🙂

  13. Dave Surls Says:

    Forgive me, my Cid. I didn’t mean to be overly subtle!

  14. Dave Surls Says:

    “Iran will be nuclear armed inSha Allah”

    I tremble.


    For years we spat in the faces of the Russian communists and their thousands of nuclear warheads and dared them to do their worst, and in the end they backed down without a fight. Do you think we now fear a paltry few atomic weapons in the hands of the mad mullahs?

    Ha. That is funny.

    We’re trying to stop the mad mullahs from getting their hands on atomic weaponry so we don’t end up having to destroy them (which is going to happen no matter what) AND ALSO turn their country into a glass parking lot (which is going to happen if they ever use a nuclear weapon against America or our allies), not because we fear them.

    The mad mullahs and the deluded fools who follow them better come to grips with the following…

    There are only two options:

    1.) We are eventually going to destroy the Khomenist regime. This is inevitable, and non-negotiable.

    2.) If they use nuclear weapons against us, we will not only destroy the Khomenist regime but we will burn Iran down to the bedrock, killing every man, woman and child in Iran in the process.

    There is no third option.

  15. yojimbo Says:

    #12 Cidster

    Whose upset?

  16. Third Zionist Whore Says:

    Ash, You may have it. I have mean thoughts sometimes. I notice he has not returned. LOL

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