Guide to Pink Dots for Observer of Wodonga

How to place a pink dot into a BBCoded blog (such as Bolt’s):  Cut and paste the coding below for a bright pink dot:


Or the coding below for a bubblegum-coloured pink dot:


The [size] tag makes the bullet (dot) bigger; the [color] tag gives the colour; the [b] tag makes it bold; then comes the text you want to format (a bullet in this case); then you “close” all of the tags with the forward-slashes.  Easy-peasy.

(A propos Andrew Bolt’s column “Strike Me Pink”)

Strike Me Pink

Strike Me Pink

2 Responses to “Guide to Pink Dots for Observer of Wodonga”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    For those whom I’m managed to confuse, it’s a Chaser/Bolt thing. More here.

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    This is an Australian cultural thing that I will let pass. Pink has come to mean, to my American mind, the loathsome Code Pink, that harridan-riddle coven of anti-military mental cases who litter the sidewalks outside US military recruitment centers and VA hospitals. Kudos to Bolt, though. Different struggles on different continents against a common enemy.

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