New food challenge…

My other half posted a bit on a food blog about gross foods ect. The usual deep fried mars bars and stuff came up. I sent her a link to some Krispy Kreme hamburgers similar to these ones

My better half said she was game so a lady from the eastern states posted across a dozen of the lard and surgar bombs for us to munch.

The results, including shocking video are below the fold…

The donuts

The horror….the horror…

Arteries clogging…kidneys wimpering….

And now the video, complete with cackling other half and smart arsed boys commentary.

Im off to the kazi now, I may be gone some time….

In all truth it tasted quite good. Apparently we have the Watties spaggetti and meatball version for dinner tonight….

7 Responses to “New food challenge…”

  1. Ash Says:

    Dude! Everyone knows my standards are low (and weird, but I digress), but how could you eat that?! Even I wouldn’t do that!

  2. SezaGeoff Says:

    Man, I am so not going underground with you – you would be an extreme methane gas hazard!

  3. Mr. Bingley Says:

    When I was in college at UVA there was a favorite spot called the “University Diner” whose claim to fame was a “Grillswith.” They took a glazed donut and warmed it on the griddle and plopped a big glob of vanilla ice cream on top.

    Absolutely perfect late at night when you’ve been drinking a tad…

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