Democrats Plan to Send Homeless to Denver Zoo During Convention

Breitbart TV

Well now, Mr Obama…Should you have the good fortune to be elected and you have your meeting with Mahmoud, (well you may call him that) what will he say to you about kinda cleaning up the streets, during your formal coronation?

Let me guess…’Hussein, you are criticizing exactly what you in your Satan nation do’

Good job, Dems.

14 Responses to “Democrats Plan to Send Homeless to Denver Zoo During Convention”

  1. Paco Says:

    As what? Food?

  2. tizona Says:

    Damn you, Paco :)…..Can’t I have one beer, that I swallow?

  3. Rebecca H Says:

    Alternately, call this plan “Distracting the Loonies With Shiny Things”. Does anyone seriously expect the mentally ill, largely substance-abusing street bums to be attracted by tickets to the local museum or the zoo while a great, huge dramafest like the DNC convention is going on?

  4. Ash Says:

    They’ll only go if the zoo has meerkats.

    Count on it.

  5. yojimbo Says:

    Mind your manors Ash!

    I would expect the drug types to hang around the Democratic Convention instead of the zoo, that’s where the drugs are.

  6. nilk Says:

    I’d go to the democratic convention if there were meerkats there.

    Depend upon it.

  7. Ash Says:

    There will be plenty of animals on two legs there Nilk, but I doubt any of them will be meerkats.

  8. Dave Surls Says:

    I’d support this plan if only it was the homeless sending the Democrats to the zoo.

  9. yojimbo Says:

    There’s a good chance that all of downtown Denver will be a zoo. For those of you who need more fun in your life, and those of you who are waiting for Ash to purchase that protest cage I give you; it yourself, it doesn’t hurt.)

    These are the WTO hardcore types who are going to try to shutdown the Democratic Convention.

    Who doesn’t want to follow the puppet people:)

    I give you one example. They are going to surround the Denver Mint and then try to raise it to shake out all the money for the people. Instructions not to be ignored include “Bring noisemakers, energy, spells,costumes, anything that gives you power.” Yes really!

  10. Denver's Road Home Says:

    A statement from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless that clarifies the situation in Denver is available at:

  11. spot_the_dog Says:

    Uh-oh — looks like Damage Control 😉

    P.S. “Colorado Coalition for the Homeless”? You have, like, unions for homeless people now in America? What, if they don’t get their free movie tickets they go on strike?

  12. Angus Dei Says:

    I hope the authorities use those low frequency sound emitters on the anarchists. Watching them double over as their bowels implode and they shit themselves silly would be first rate entertainment.

  13. tizona Says:

    Do we have homeless people in Denver?

    Absolutely not. We sent all of those that could be considered homeless by bus, to New Orleans. We understand New Orleans needs people, anyway. Beside the fact, it is a hell of a lot warmer in New Orleans. Denver’s gain is New Orleans loss loss is New Orleans gain.

    In fact, Denver pinned a note to each and everyone of the people that we no longer have, introducing this scum these people to Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans, along with a little note indicating that this scu these people are highly industrious and will be more then willing to assist in rebuilding the dykes of his STUPID BELOW SEA LEVEL (WE are a Mile High. Na na na na neener) city levees, of his fine and lovely city.

  14. yojimbo Says:

    Ha! They probably sent them right back with a “return to sender” card.

    Me thinks the homeless may be outnumbered by their ACLU advocates this time. This may spawn a new “per capita” category. Accent on “spawn”.

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