Pro-KFC Counter-Protester Spotted

Here’s at least one guy on your side, Ash.

Click for a big, beautiful hi-rez version.

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13 Responses to “Pro-KFC Counter-Protester Spotted”

  1. tizona Says:

    Jesus H. I don’t care who’s “side” they’re on…BUT both could be on mine. Wonder if they eat meat? (NO NO…STOP IT!)

    I think I see a bikini bottom…on the blonde…would have to be. Bluto would have a bulge, if not.

    See a sign in the back ground for the Mexican Phone Company.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    That brunet on the right is so fine. If she was into gag-balls I’m sure I could make it work with her.

  3. Paco Says:

    “Bring Home a Bucket”. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Rebecca H Says:

    I gotta give kudos to that guy. He stood up for his principles, and he didn’t even look.

  5. Paco Says:

    Well, now, Rebecca, we don’t know for a fact he didn’t look – later, maybe.

  6. Ash Says:

    My team’s numbers are growing rapidly!

  7. 1.618 Says:

    Tizona, I’m suprised you didn’t say ‘finger lick’n good!’

  8. Dave Surls Says:

    Why is it that feminists and female anti-war protestors tend to look like week old corpses(think Cindy Sheehan), but PETA girls are invariably gorgeous?

  9. Ash Says:

    Simple. Females now have equal rights and can do pretty much whatever we’re physically and mentally able to so these women need a new cause to embrace and adore, and they found animals. Merely because it’s easier and less dangerous than defending women in Islamic countries.

  10. tizona Says:

    Actually, I’m damn surprised that Bluto, did attempt one of our male standard tricks. The tried and true ‘Oh Damn, I dropped my pen, pencil, cell phone, sign, etc. Here, let me get that out of your way’

    Excellent peripheral vision, is a must. 🙂

  11. Dave Surls Says:

    There’s something about good-looking, naked(?) gals in high heels that lends credibility to any political cause.

    Station a couple at my house, and I might be tempted to go vegetarian.

  12. Dave Surls Says:

    Speaking of food related news items. I about died laughing when I saw the photo…

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