Hunger in the US

The headline reads “For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach

but here is the picture :

For some reason, while telling this Charles Dickens-like tale of hunger NPR didn’t describe this photo on the radio broadcast.

The article closes with :
“The rising cost of food means their money [from government assistance as one has never had a job and the other is presently unemployed] gets them about a third fewer bags of groceries — $100 used to buy about 12 bags of groceries, but now it’s more like seven or eight. So they cut back on expensive items like meat, and they don’t buy extras like ice cream anymore. Instead, they eat a lot of starches like potatoes and noodles.”

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29 Responses to “Hunger in the US”

  1. Dave Surls Says:

    “they eat a lot”

    The key words of the story.

  2. Dave Surls Says:

    “one has never had a job and the other is presently unemployed”

    Living the American dream, are we?

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    The US is the only country in the history of the world in which the major health problems of its poorest citizens are related to obesity.

    Cry me a river.

  4. tizona Says:

    As mentioned at Paco’s…Perfect Jenny Craig story. Before and After shots.

    Yes, I do understand it could possibly be a thighroid problem.

    Hmmm, could be a tune up for the next Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade.

    Hey, got it. New U.S. Military bunker buster bombs.

    You’ll get them all… :).

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    Her father worked at General Motors for 45 years before retiring. Her mother taught driver’s education. Nunez and her six siblings grew up middle class.

    Nunez and most of her siblings and their spouses are unemployed and rely on government assistance and food stamps.

    Bet their parents would be rolling over in their graves.

  6. Ash Says:

    Put down the fork, buy a suit and find a bloody job.

  7. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I think its time for a bit of life support for these 2 ladies Dr Rudis advice.

    Unless of course their families were following some other Dr Rudis advice–AAOs0&feature=related

  8. tizona Says:

    Sir Spot…If their parents have similar builds, you are correct in saying “rolling” :). See you people later.

  9. Ash Says:

    Ahhhh, Dr Rudi. There’s nothing that guy doesn’t know!

  10. twolaneflash Says:

    Al Gore owes these women a small fortune for the sequestered carbon they are keeping out of the atmosphere, minus the CO2 they are huffing and puffing back and forth to the grocery store. America has some serious issues to correct, starting with “entitlements”.

  11. Paco Says:

    “The headline reads ‘For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach’“.

    Well, of course it is! You’d need some kind of hoist and pulley contraption to extend those sugar gliders far enough to pick through the packages in the meat section of the supermarket.

    I’m sympathetic to those poor who, for legitimate reasons, have a hard time making a go of it. But this woman, by her own admission, has never worked, and doesn’t seem particularly interested in finding a job now (her car broke down last fall and she can’t look for work? What do people who manage to hold jobs without having private transportation do? Maybe she should ask around).

  12. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    The mother, 40, has no high school diploma and has never worked. The daughter, 19, has a diploma but at 19 has already had several jobs and in the audio states that she quit her last job because with higher gas prices it didn’t seem worth it (but even with a minimum wage job and a low mpg car she would likely still make money). Her claim that she can’t find another may have something to do with a perception that she is short sighted and fickle.

    a depressing line : “People tell Nunez her daughter could get more money in public assistance if she had a child.” There is some hope : “They both reject that as a plan.”

  13. Dave Surls Says:

    I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for the people in the article.

    Somehow, I don’t.

  14. bingbing Says:

    #7 You legend. How good is doctor Rudi?

  15. bingbing Says:

    Hey, perhaps the meat is out of reach but it certainly looks like the cheesecake isn’t.

  16. mythusmage Says:

    “Starches and potatoes”. And people wonder why the poor tend to be fat.

  17. nilk Says:

    What, they can’t walk to a bus stop?

    As with Dave and Angus (and everyone else here), my sympathy meter is all run out.

    Whatever happened to eating fruit? How expensive is that? Or has Wronwright hoarded it for just this sort of situation to sell at vastly inflated prices?

    (Sort of like these two ladies are rather inflated).

    Sorry, I don’t usually take potshots at the obese or misfortunate, but there’s just no excuse for not looking after yourself. If you’re at home every day and not working, then get off your arse and get into shape.

    Trim down and tone up, and then get yourself a job as a fitness trainer.

    It’s not rocket surgery.

    Agreed with the eat less advice. It’s been working for me lol.

  18. spot_the_dog Says:

    I’m with Nilk. There are plenty of inexpensive good-for-you foods.

    Then there’s exercise – even taking a walk for an hour a day would probably help them out immeasurably. It’s hard to believe that these people don’t know how to shop and cook within a budget, or don’t know that they need to either expend more calories in exercise or take in fewer through eating in order to lose weight… if they genuinely don’t, then maybe they need to be taught?

    Dunno, but I find it very hard to have very much sympathy… There are plenty of people in situations not of their own making to spend much time worrying about this lot.

  19. twolaneflash Says:

    This is a job for OPRAH!

  20. yojimbo Says:

    I think most(probably all) here agree that these two aren’t worth spending any emotional currency on.

    Insert:however, but and nevertheless somewhere around here.

    These two are really just poster children for the modern welfare state and its continuing ascendency. They represent the continuing dimuniton of personal liberty and private initiative. They have effectively given themselves over to the state and its nannybots. To me they represent a clear and present danger to personal liberty in our society.

    Their mentality is also leading to another very scary aspect of societal evolution(or devolution)-tax policy. The current liberal trend is for fewer and fewer people to shoulder the general tax burden. Pretty soon the majority of people in our country will have no stake in our tax structure. All they will know is that the government gives them benefits without taking anything in return. Does the phrase “free health care” sound a resonant note here?

    So while these two really don’t deserve a second of time their worldview does. Lack of personal initiate equals lack of personal responsibility and a lack of basic respect for personal liberty.

    Frankly, these two are really scary.

  21. Sporkman Says:

    I propose a solution that actually solves two problems: they eat newspapers.

    This will solve their food shortage problem, as pound-for-pound newspapers are less costly than meat. Also, they are full of fiber. And, let’s not pull punches here, they do appear to be suffering from a weight problem. The bland taste of the newspapers they consume will likely result in less overeating.

    Also, newspapers have been suffering from lower circulation due to easier access to news over the internet. Shifting these and other hungry Ohioans to a newspaper-based diet will give a boost to newspaper circulation numbers, boosting their publishers’ revenue enough to help them through this difficult transitional period.

    I see nothing but positives with this proposal.

  22. yojimbo Says:


    Turn them over to RebeccaH for a month and feel the cosmic shift of two lives being brought back from the ashheap of the plantation.

  23. yojimbo Says:


    *Any thought of this being a possible reference to a certain woman with a cat and a protest cage should be banished from your mind forthwith as this was highly unintentional and very, very coincidental. Void where prohibited by law and all sales are final.:)

  24. Angus Dei Says:

    Around here, the Ash-heap consists of the smoldering remains of commenters who get on the wrong side of Ash the Enforcer.

  25. yojimbo Says:

    Speaking of smoldering remains and unaccounted for souls.

    What happened to Texas Bob? At one point I thought he had agreed to join the happy little band here in the forest.

  26. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    “I don’t usually take potshots at the obese …” I like to: amazingly enough, a larger target makes it easier to aim at the centre of visible mass. In this case the mass is massive, and harder to miss.


  27. Ash Says:

    I did nothing to Texas Bob… I promise! I wasn’t there!

  28. spacecadette Says:

    #16 cheesecake isn’t easy to’s still back home having a great time. thank god he’ll live much closer now.

    was watching the boryeong mud fest (missed it) on tv…all i could think of was…”look at those flabs!!!”

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