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City Never Sleeps by onepointsix

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This is a job for PETAman!!!

At least 30 hungry bears have trapped a team of geologists in their camp in Russia’s far east.

No mention of what type of bears though… wether cute and cuddly polars or fluffy siberian hamster types..

It follows a fatal bear attack on two workers at the same site last week.

And the 3rd bloke hasnt taken off his running shoes ever since..

Hunters are on their way to the remote site to shoot the bears and free the geologists.

NOW is the time for Ingrid and PETA to spring into action and form a human chain around their ursine comrades. Nekkid if they want to.

Reports say that emergency services officials believe that this year there have been either too many bears or not enough fish, but in any case the food supply has been inadequate for the animals.

My guess is theyve found people without guns slow, easy to catch and quite tasty….

mInd you they seem to get away with crap like this…

John Edwards: America’s Answer to Prince Charles


Senator Edwards Cornered by National Enquirer after Visiting Mistress and Mother to His Love Child.

I’d make some commentary here, but I have to go for a jog just now, so I’ll join you in comments.

Via> Byron York over at NRO’s The Corner.

Gonzo is back


Been around a while, but anyway…

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This is a bit of fun…

A site that lets you create your own tapestry.

I hope this link works

Its not quite working properly for me at work, but give it a shot, it isnt bad fun…


If the gallery opens for you look for “wooly bull” by mole.

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I Work With Idiots

So I’m on the phone with one of the workers from one of the warehouses, sorting out a problem. I make the comment “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.”, which is fair enough because I’m quite tired. In response I get a “Yeah, the Jews really are taking over everything. Isn’t it enough that they have Israel, do we all have to worship them by having a day devoted to them?” and I’m like “Yeah…-huh, what?!”. He’s come back with “Yeah, Tuesday was originally named after the Jews, but they didn’t want to make their Zionist agenda clear, so they spelled it differently.”

Somebody pour me a glass of Kool-Aid.

I work with fucking idiots.

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