John Edwards: America’s Answer to Prince Charles


Senator Edwards Cornered by National Enquirer after Visiting Mistress and Mother to His Love Child.

I’d make some commentary here, but I have to go for a jog just now, so I’ll join you in comments.

Via> Byron York over at NRO’s The Corner.

2 Responses to “John Edwards: America’s Answer to Prince Charles”

  1. tizona Says:

    The Silk Pony? Wow, that bitch is as ugly.

    I will say one thing in Edwards defense.

    A few years ago, (2003, I believe) when running the last Timeshare Resort, I lent my talents as a bullshitter extremely talented and well schooled sales director (lol) for a group of developers, I noticed a young man and his wife, that was speaking to one of the sales associates.

    The man could NOT sit still for more then a few seconds. He had to change positions in his seating. I could see his face grimace in agony. I stopped to ask him what was wrong. He and his Mrs., lovely down to earth people from North Carolina. He was a backyard mechanic, now out of work. A car he was working on slipped off a jack, and nailed him.

    Asked him if he had been to Doctors, he said yes. Asked him if he had seen anyone at Social Security, for aid…disability. He said yes. BUT that SS was jerking him around, sending him from office to office….with no answers.

    John Edwards AND Elizabeth Dole had just been elected as North Carolina U.S. Senators. I ripped off a letter on this mans behalf…telling BOTH Dole and Edwards, they probably shook this mans hand to gain his vote, NOW he needed their hand(s) to gain some help, as he was being screwed, blued and tattooed.

    Dole never returned, nor did she acknowledge my letter. Edwards sent his office staff to visit this man and wife, brought them to every agency that could assist this hubby and wife, bashed in the doors of the agencies of North Carolina AND Social Security Administration.

    This man is now on permanent disability, receiving the attention that he needs, the drugs necessary and money needed to help him live as decent a life as he can.

    John Edwards did this…Well ok, with a kick in the ass letter, from a class A bastard…ME.

  2. swampie Says:

    It doesn’t really matter if he was screwing a pony in San Francisco if the press refuses to cover it.

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