This is a job for PETAman!!!

At least 30 hungry bears have trapped a team of geologists in their camp in Russia’s far east.

No mention of what type of bears though… wether cute and cuddly polars or fluffy siberian hamster types..

It follows a fatal bear attack on two workers at the same site last week.

And the 3rd bloke hasnt taken off his running shoes ever since..

Hunters are on their way to the remote site to shoot the bears and free the geologists.

NOW is the time for Ingrid and PETA to spring into action and form a human chain around their ursine comrades. Nekkid if they want to.

Reports say that emergency services officials believe that this year there have been either too many bears or not enough fish, but in any case the food supply has been inadequate for the animals.

My guess is theyve found people without guns slow, easy to catch and quite tasty….

mInd you they seem to get away with crap like this…

39 Responses to “This is a job for PETAman!!!”

  1. tizona Says:

    PETA, is an Obomination.

  2. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    NOW is the time for Ingrid and PETA to spring into action and form a human chain around their ursine comrades. Nekkid if they want to.

    No, no, no. Now is the time for peta to get naked and teach the bears (in a way that is not demeaning to the animals and in a non-speciesist way) to eat tofu and become a vegan.

    from the comic : “The sooner she stops wearing fur, the sooner animals will be safe!”

    Unless, she wears a brand new fur everyday it won’t make a bit of difference. Instead the fur providing animals will be safe to starve to death or be eaten by a mountain lion. Fur is really warm and meat is tasty. I’d wear a mink coat if it didn’t make me look like a pimp.

  3. spacecadette Says:

    do we have PETA here (in SK)?

    dogs beaten-to-death (the adrenalin rush will make the meat softer) are served in restaurants.

    they also grab the-happily-swimming-fish by the tail and smack their heads and fillet them while their bodies wiggle…

    better ways to kill them…

  4. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    Speaking of …um… different Korean food… click here if you dare.

  5. spacecadette Says:

    those pink sea worms are funny…

    the way they cook them here is just disgusting.
    baked with butter,garlic and cheese much preferred.

  6. bingbing Says:

    My classroom stinks, as it does every Monday and Wednesday, after the counter girls eat their totally rank Korean lunches.

  7. bingbing Says:

    #2 Yeah, stay away from the mink coats or else we’d have Col. Milquetoast pimping out his privates.

  8. spacecadette Says:

    i like rabbits.

  9. bingbing Says:

    #8 Especially when turned into slippers…

  10. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    #7 no, I’d pimp out a bucket of Korean sea penises. Lower capital expenses = more profit.

  11. bingbing Says:

    #4 My yummy mummy students have just told me the Korean word for those little pink wormy thingys is 개불 (geh-bul). “개” (geh) means “dog” and “불” (bul) means… “penis”.

    So there you go.

  12. spacecadette Says:



  13. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    #11 “ewww, you have dog penis breath!”

    And I thought “sea penis” was a bad marketing name. Things like this remind me that Japan and Korea look at things a little differently.

  14. bingbing Says:

    #13 Colonel, there’s food I’ll try and food I won’t. Korean sea-dog penii fall into the latter catagory.

  15. spacecadette Says:

    you’ve had it!!
    been to any buffet???

  16. bingbing Says:

    #15 No freakin’ way I’ve had it!

    And use capital letters for cryin’ out loud. You’re a bloody English teacher.

  17. spacecadette Says:


  18. bingbing Says:

    #17 So?!?!?!

  19. thefrollickingmole Says:


  20. bingbing Says:

    Poor Mole. He’s had what was a very good post, dare I say lesson, hijacked by two brats up the back of the class…

    Back on topic. Yet another example of typical Leftist ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra. Al Gore must be bursting with pride.

  21. spacecadette Says:

    I believe you’ve got JEDI powers?

  22. spot_the_dog Says:

    On the menu today: horse penis and testicles with a chilli dip

    For beginners, Miss Zhu recommended the hotpot, which offers a sampling of what the restaurant has to offer – six types of penis, and four of testicle, boiled in chicken stock by the waitress, Liu Yunyang, 22.

    The Russian dog was first. It was julienned, and rather gamey.

    The ox was, of all six, the most recognisable for what it was, even though it had been diced. In texture seemed identical to gristle.

    The deer and the Mongolian goat were surprisingly similar: a little stringy, they had the appearance and feel of overcooked squid tentacles. The Xinjiang horse and the donkey, on the other hand, were quite different. Though both came sliced lengthwise, and looked like bacon, the horse was light and fatty, while the donkey had a firm colour and taste. The testicles were slightly crumbly, and tasted better with lashings of the sesame, soy and chilli dips thoughtfully provided.

    One speciality, Canadian seal penis, costs a hefty £220, and requires ordering in advance.

    P.S. For the ladies here, “many women say bian is good for the skin.” 😛

  23. Ash Says:

    It’s a well known fact that PETA kills animals.

  24. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Nice likk Ash, I hadnt seen that site before.

  25. spacecadette Says:

    #22 We went out one weekend and I found out how bad my Korean is. I ended up ordering chicken feet.

    We got lots of special “food” back home. My favorite is the Balut.

  26. Ash Says:

    Mole, it’s useful for dealing with people who get all their arguments from PETA, like JULIEN over at Bolta’s site.

  27. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Oops, that should be link not likk, my Freudian slip is showing..

  28. spot_the_dog Says:

    Getting back to The Mole’s post.

    (1) Go ahead and shoot the bears. People are worth more than bears.
    (2) Sell their penises and testes to Asian restaurants
    (3) Use the profits for shelters for Western dogs and cats.

    How could PETA not approve?

  29. Angus Dei Says:

    The three cardinal rules for my existence:

    1] Catch and Eat.

    2] Kill and Grill.

    3] Nuke and Pave.

  30. eggz Says:

    Nice pussy …

  31. Ash Says:

    #30 I wondered how long it’d take!

  32. eggz Says:

    I thought that that was Sophie Ellis Bextor (IIRC turned down a ‘Bond girl’ role cos she was too shy):

  33. Angus Dei Says:

    When do we get to watch the PeTA Man vs. Peter Pan grudge match?

  34. bingbing Says:

    #5 Is balut those semi formed birds still in the eggs?

  35. spacecadette Says:

  36. spacecadette Says:


  37. bingbing Says:

    #35 I’ll stick with my eggs being boiled, sunny side up or easy over, baby.

    Weird isn’t it, the crazy stuff different cultures eat. Aussies with our Vegemite, the Scots with their haggas etc. etc.

  38. spacecadette Says:

    that’s just one of those that i could actually eat…
    you’ll love it there,before you get to the front door (in my old neighborhood – where i grew up), they would have turned you into a “real” man ^^.

  39. bingbing Says:

    Well that leaves PETAman out!

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