Randy Pausch, RIP.


Randy Pausch, RIPFrater, ave atque vale.


Randy Pausch with his children Chloe, Dylan and Logan

Randy Pausch with his children Chloe, Dylan and Logan


[Watch the videos]

Dr. Pausch’s congressional testimony on behalf of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is at pancan.org.
The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research profiles Dr. Pausch at www.lustgarten.org.

[Listen to podcast]

PODCAST: Dr. Randy Pausch speaks to WSJ’s Jeff Zaslow about the legacy he is leaving for his children.















…and, because I haven’t said it yet this week:  FUCK CANCER.


Thank you Peter Lee @ Carnegie Mellon (Computer Science Dept) for the Info Page

see also Michelle Malkin


UPDATE: Please do take some time out this weekend to watch Randy’s “Last Lecture” (links above) if you haven’t seen it.  See also, from May 2008, Jeffrey Zaslow on A Final Farewell: How Randy Pausch, a 47-year-old college professor, came to teach his family about love, courage — and saying goodbye” and the excellent feature-length profile “It’s Not Time Yet” from the Nov/Dec ’07 Brown Alumni Magazine.

More:  ABC News (GMA); TIME Magazine, “Randy Pausch–Life Teacher;” Pittsburgh Post Gazette; Chicago Tribune, “Shadow of Death gave Randy Pausch, other authors’ words special intensity”; Wired News

UPDATE 2: For more information on Randy’s life and legacy, read In Memoriam: Randy Pausch, Innovative Computer Scientist at Carnegie Mellon, Launched Education Initiatives, Gained Worldwide Acclaim for Last Lecture and An Enduring Legacy, both on the Carnegie Mellon University website.

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8 Responses to “Randy Pausch, RIP.”

  1. Ash Says:

    I second the motion FUCK CANCER.

    Rest in Peace Randy.

  2. tizona Says:

    Rest in Peace, good sir.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    Looking back over his personal web pages at CMU, it’s so bittersweet to see all of the photos of the fantastic memories he worked so hard to make for his children.

    One thing I wish, is that our media would stop calling footy players and other assorted over-exposed nongs “heroes,” and save the word for people like Randy who really deserve it.

    And another, politically incorrect as it may be, is I wish that we would redirect some of the billions upon billions of health dollars we spend on AIDS research towards cancer research instead. There is no “magic pudding,” there are not unlimited $$$ to spend on health research, and let’s face it: we know what causes AIDS and we know how to prevent it. Cancer? There are some great people working on it, but we’re still so much in the dark about so much of it… Is it just that cancer patients don’t have the lobby groups the AIDS industry has? (Sorry, pet peeve of mine).

  4. hope Says:

    triple that:

    F U C K C A N C E R !!!!

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    Thank you for that, Hope. As anyone who is acquainted with me either in person or on-line knows, I am not generally given to swearing. However, in the case of cancer, I make a special exception. So long as cancer refuses to play by Marquess of Queensbury Rules, neither shall I.

  6. tizona Says:

    Your pet peeve is correct, Sir Spot.

  7. Ash Says:

    Spot, it’d be amazing if we did. More money put into it can only be a good thing.

  8. Angus Dei Says:

    I watched that “last lecture” when it first hit the interwebs a few months back. What an awesome man and what a positive message he left.

    Oh, and cancer fucking sucks ass. To hell with cancer.

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