Rules Changed

I’m in a playful mood, so not only have I recoloured and rearranged our living quarters, I’m also setting up new rules.

So here they are:

  1. No feeding the trolls. I don’t care how cute the troll is, they’re like gremlins. They shouldn’t be fed after midnight, nor should they touch water, and they definitely have to keep their hands off that!
  2. No two posts on the one subject within a twelve-hour period. Administrators and Editors are able to check the timing of previous posts by clicking here.
  3. Posts longer than six paragraphs should have a more tag inserted at the end of the third paragraph. This can be done by typing the third paragraph and then pressing Alt+Shift+T at the end.
  4. Dissent is allowed, but abuse is not. And abuse is in the eye of the Administrators. Play the game if you dare.
  5. Properly categorise and tag posts. It’s at most two extra clicks.

13 Responses to “Rules Changed”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    I’m glad dissent is still allowed because Jefferson would be really angry if you questioned my patriotism.

    Just an update to the “I’m confused” file. This relates to the no two posts on the same subject within a twelve hour period. We can’t post two comments within the same thread?

  2. Ash Says:

    Yes, you can Yojimbo, but there won’t be more than two threads on the same subject, if that makes sense.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    That makes perfect sense Ash. I thought that was what you meant but I didn’t want to anger the Gods. You might send the ghost of “Flower” through my internet connection to bit me on the nose or something.:)

  4. Dminor Says:

    Can first offenses be punished by spanking?

  5. Ash Says:

    Oh great Dminor, now you want to encourage me to break my own rules!

  6. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    A “playful mood” usually doesn’t inspire new rules… someone either got herself some new boots or ash is a professional bureaucrat.

  7. tizona Says:

    Do you like your boots, Ash?

  8. Ash Says:

    They’re very fucking comfortable Tiz.

  9. bingbing Says:

    Fuck. So it’s not just my hangover. Thanks for clearing up rule #2. I never categorized my posts coz I thought a certain someone indicated we should post under temp and that she would do so. So now we categorize our posts? If we do or don’t, will we be spanked? Which one?

  10. bingbing Says:

    PS And can you slap these rules up on a separate page? I’m never gonna remember them otherwise…

    PPS Andrea, Ash… What is it with chicks whose names begin with ‘A’ and blogs?

  11. bingbing Says:

    PPPS And fix the ‘home’ link… pp p please, m m m ma’am.

  12. Ash Says:

    Bingbing, do characterise them. No, I’m not planning on putting up a separate page for the rules. The “Home” link is as good as it’s getting. Click on the blog name to go straight to the home page without needing the redirect.

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