Media Misses Big Story of Obama Trip

And finally, Obama’s mega-gaffe in snubbing the wounded troops in Germany (with the excuse he wouldn’t want to use campaign funds for such a visit) left even the MSM scratching their heads. There could be no perfect example of the argument McCain has been making: this is a callow man whose ego blinds him to the sacrifice of military service. Coming on the heels of news that Obama is already planning his White House transition, it seemed to put new emphasis on the question the McCain camp has been implicitly asking, “Who does he think he is?


Reiterating The Spot_the_Dog post. The rest, here

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One Response to “Media Misses Big Story of Obama Trip”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    What campaign funds? He is already there and all he has to do is go over to the main gate alone. I’m sure they would let him in. How much would that cost? He could also reimburse the campaign for the few bucks for a cab.

    Didn’t mind using campaign funds to go shopping…………

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