Melbourne Has Deformed Local Wildlife

Further to confusion about ducks, this is what a deformed duck looks like:

Duck spotted at Lake Aura Vale, Victoria.

6 Responses to “Melbourne Has Deformed Local Wildlife”

  1. 1.618 Says:

    Poor little ducky. 8waves*

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Why are lady ducks so happy??

    I dont know if this is deformed but its definately impressive…

  3. ruth Says:

    We have a duckling that was sat on by a hen. The duckling is eating and drinking okay but cannot walk and sits with its legs outside wards. What can we do?

  4. Ash Says:

    Ruth, take care of it as best you can. Animals do their best to adapt.

  5. bingbing Says:

    Ruth, sounds like your duckling has been on the piss.

  6. Encubba Says:

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( ) in my rss reader!

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