Starting a Business: It’s Never Too Late by Michael S. Malone.


At age 54, I’ve just started two companies.

And what I’ve already learned from the experience is that not only am I more suited for the task now than I was at 27 or 38, but that the world of entrepreneurial start-ups is now much more suited for me. And for you.

Now I’m in the sixth decade of my life and suddenly I find myself, after all these years, starting not one, but two, companies. Why? Opportunity, that single most important motivator (after a perpetual quest for personal freedom) that drives entrepreneurs.

Economic downturns, like the one we are in right now, are the very best times to start new companies. The competition is distracted, talent is readily available, and you’re not doing anything anyway. And so I suspect there are thousands, even millions, of people out there right now dreaming of starting their own companies — but are afraid they haven’t the energy or the experience to do so. Or they fear the stigma of failing.

Well, don’t be afraid. Now’s your moment, whatever your age. If this damn fool can start two companies at the same time, anybody can start one.

Read more at Pajamas Media/Michael S. Malone

Dude, you just won MY hero award. Jesus, there’s hope for me yet.

4 Responses to “Starting a Business: It’s Never Too Late by Michael S. Malone.”

  1. RebeccaH Says:

    No hope for me. I’m not that smart, and I’m way too lazy.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Im in the middle of doing 1 of my own. In about a month Ill be off blogging and stuff for a couple of months doing the start up.
    And because it never rains but pours I may have a second little vending business falling into my lap, am waiting on a couple of blokes to get back to me with their decisions.
    It will be stress city, but it should work!!

    Thanks for the link to that story.

  3. tizona Says:

    Sir Mole…Break a Leg (that’s good…tiz show talk for smash ’em dead)

  4. tizona Says:

    Rebecca, you earned your rest. You aren’t lazy…jesus.

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