OK Gastronomes, what think?

Chocolate Covered Bacon Cake

Found it at Instapundit

The Bacon Duet: Bacon Ice Cream and Chocolate-Covered Bacon



Al Dente

I’ve made THESE monsters

Not bad, really. BUT, if you eat more then one, dial your emergency services number.

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36 Responses to “OK Gastronomes, what think?”

  1. space cadette Says:

    hahaha. perfect timing. i’m having bacon n eggs.

    bb, i think we need more bacon.

    tiz, try bacon wrapped bananas.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Im going to forward this to the missus, she will love it

  3. bingbing Says:

    Having cardiac arrest just looking at it. But strangely, my tummy just started growling. Bacon is at the supermarket, SC… and so is butter. *hint hint*

  4. tizona Says:

    Lady SC, Bacon wrapped beeenanas?

    Sir Mole, have plenty of Tagamet. 😉

  5. tizona Says:

    The Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger, (aka The Luther Burger) was quite decent, but again more then one…fill out your will, beforehand.

  6. tizona Says:

    Ash, dear lady…we speak of food 🙂

  7. bingbing Says:

    Worthy of a thread, J.M.

  8. kaszeta Says:

    Hey, that’s my bacon duet, not aldente’s. Please link back to the original photo:

    Bacon Duet

  9. tizona Says:

    Kaszeta…….Run out of bacon, yet?

  10. bingbing Says:

    Then why not acknowledge David Lebovitz here if you’re so concerned?

    Anyway, we now, thanks to you, have linked (i.e. your comment will stay for all posterity… and note, with many thanks to you, found the apparent original original [sic] source) . Thanks. Appreciated.

  11. bingbing Says:

    PS Dude, do you RSS your bacon choc recipe???

    Fuck, eh.

  12. space cadette Says:

    Hey Tiz,

    (don’t let BB delete this)

    I was having bacon and eggs when I saw your post. I almost choked. Then, I went to the supermarket to get more bacon. I got almost $100 of stuff but no bacon.

    Thank God BB got six packs of them. Actually, he got 4 full bags of groceries the other day. He went grocery shopping alone!!! Four FULL bags!!!

  13. tizona Says:

    Lady SC, Bing wouldn’t do that, would he? LOL.

    Good man, Sir Bing. Nothin’ like bringin’ home the bacon, as is said.

    Shit, I ain’t been in a “food fight”, since I launched my tablespoon of undercooked (and hard) peas, in what resembled mashed potatoes, (personally, I thought it was school paste) in the cafeteria.

    By the time a ceasefire was declared, there were several casualties. Three teachers, two cafeteria assistants AND the school cook.

    The above mentioned were awarded the honored Celery Stalk, with Three Sprig Cluster.

    The rest of us got, detention.

  14. kaszeta Says:

    Actually, I was going to link to his recipe, but you beat me to it. Thanks.

    Bacon choc recipe? Heck, “bacon covered chocolate” *is* the recipe. 🙂

  15. tizona Says:

    kaszeta, we are here to help. We have an ace team from the U.S., Australia, South Korea, Canada and occasionally A Brit by the name of Charlie.


  16. Rebecca H Says:

    Forget the bacon. What some people do to chocolate is just a frickin crime.

  17. bingbing Says:

    Space Cadette got the chocolate… ice cream, that is. Then she bloody mixed it with ‘beeeenanas’ instead of the year’s supply of bacon (vacuum sealed – this is Korea) in the fridge!

    BTW Am I up late? Hell, yeah! Three day weekends until September 16 – and two weeks vacation come September.

    Sober as a judge… honest (kinda). Has every judge ever been breathalyzed in court?

  18. bingbing Says:

    kaszeta: I was a prick. We do that to new posters most of the time. Just to make sure…


    And do post other recipes. If they warrant a heart attack, they will probably get their own thread.

  19. tizona Says:

    Like your chocolate straight, do ya’ Lady Rebecca? One tough Senora, I tells ya. 🙂

    Sir Bing, you’ve just hit another great food idea…copyright it.

    The BingCadette (B, before C only SC) Chocolate-Beeeenana-Bacon, Instant Aorta Block Cobbler© (just in case)®

  20. space cadette Says:

    I think we should have taken photos of dinners BB cooked. You’ll be amazed how much pressure he puts on me to eat. They are good ;p We got no recipes so there’s no way I’m ever gonna eat the same food again. I wash the dishes. He cooks.

    I might get in trouble. I ate them. OK?

  21. bingbing Says:

    So, I put pressure on a girl to eat. Yet, she thinks its good anyway.

    I love a girl who loves a non-sequitor. Also love a girl who throws the word ‘have’ in the trash (e.g. ‘We got’… very hip hop)

    True: … can never pull off the same dish twice. I wash the dishes. He cooks. I might get in trouble. I ate them.

    Oh my God. My girl just devoured my plates!

  22. Ash Says:

    Nothing wrong with a meal you haven’t written down the recipe for. I do it all the time.

    I just wish that I could fucking remember the ingredients sometimes.

  23. space cadette Says:

    Like he clicked submit before I even get to read that!!!
    Like he comments before I even post anything!!!
    Like he doesn’t wanna sound like a dick!!!

    I love him. He is CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  24. kaszeta Says:

    Bingbing: you weren’t being too much of a prick (or if you were, it wasn’t coming through in the text.)

    I’m working on a bacon-wrapped slab bacon with a bacon and dried cherry reduction sauce. I’ll post that here when I get around to finally making it (looking for a good source of unsliced uncured applewood-smoked or cherrywood-smoked slab bacon to make this masterpiece)

  25. Ash Says:

    Space, men as a species are odd. But fuck, I love them beyond belief. They’re champions, they just need either time or effort. Or a chick who isn’t as fucked up as I am.

  26. bingbing Says:

    I just wish that I could fucking remember the ingredients sometimes.

    Just cook with love (seriously)

    … and use garlic, basil, sometimes tumeric, sometimes paprika, some kind of dead supermarket animal… and veges mixed in well.

    Sorry, a sucker for wog err, Italian food, so pasta, tomatoes, onions and Parmesan often enter the equation.

    Oh, yeah, and rice. Hi Ya!

    Lemon and/or lime juice, tabasco… SC’s awesome garlic/butter mix…

    … and takeout…

  27. tizona Says:

    Yo’, Sir Bing. Will get a cannoli (Sicilian) recipe I use, posted.
    Hazelnut cream filling, as soon as I get it scanned and otherwise don’t fuck it up….lol.

  28. space cadette Says:

    Kaszeta, Oh! Come on!!! BB is a prick!!!! I feel like a thistle here ;p.

    Ash, this one needs more than time and effort. Also, I call them Martians now. Just like Marvin, with scrubs on his head and wearing a tutu.

    Logging in and out is hard. Waiting is harder.
    This might end up with my avatar / his name or vice versa

  29. space cadette Says:

    Tiz, I am the guinea pig here!!!!

  30. space cadette Says:

    Bing here: tired of logging in and out.

    Is that a dessert, Cid? Hmmm. Perfect for my, ahem, lean gut. Perfect for SC, though… and keep ’em coming. I’m a lucky man. Seriously, the girl must eat! Cool, eh?

    We have hazelnuts here in Korea but don’t get too fancy as this cuntry (sic) just don’t have all the edible bells ‘n’ whistles.

    SC here… I eat. I just don’t gain weight.

    Bing here… If only I was so frickin’ lucky…

  31. bingbing Says:

    The above is not fucking spam. Fuck.

  32. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Is a gastrognome a short chap with a bad dose of the squirts??

  33. Weekend Brunch Request « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] for me?  None of that Asian shit either, Bingers.  We’re talking Krispy-Kremes, bacon (mmm, bacon), steak, real eggs, smoked salmon-cream cheese omelettes, fresh strawberries with real cream, more […]

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