Democrats Throwing Up Scarecrows and Bogeymen. They always do, they’re cowards

So, can we get by without new domestic exploration in previously forbidden locales? While it’s the argument of many Democrats (though cracks are starting to show in their previously firm phalanx against the notion, as we saw in Speaker Pelosi’s desperate escape from Dodge on Friday to avoid a vote or debate), it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Al Gore’s goal of ending our dependence on fossil fuels in a decade is a worthy one. But the notion that it is a realistic one is ludicrous, misguided references to Apollo aside. And their mantra that drilling now wouldn’t result in new supplies on the market for ten years is nonsense on stilts, as anyone familiar with the industry would tell you. Existing platforms off the coast of California, dormant for a quarter of century or more, could be producing again within a year or so, and even new ones could bring oil to market in less, often much less, than ten.

Pajamas Media

This absolutely ridiculous argument, the old, tired “ten to fifteen years”, has been used in this nation, for the past 30 years or so. Drilling for our own oil, isn’t the only thing it has been used for…Nuclear Power, is the other.

Yes, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl aided the left in their argument…but the fact remains is that the U.S. has MANY nuke plants up and running, with no, ZERO problems. OUR new technologies and even Russia’s, which was truly frightening, have improved to the point of making nuke power as safe as it can be.

If people are truly frightened concerning “radiation”, I suggest they stop going outdoors…That shiny thing up in the sky, radiates. That nice tan that all want, (I don’t have to worry, I’m protected by a thing called olive oil…well, at least to a certain degree….lol.) is produced by that shiny thing that radiates.

2000 acres in the named ANWR region of millions of acres, will not hurt a damn thing. Offshore drilling, scary huh? There are more damn shark attacks in our oceans and Gulf waters then oil spills and leaks. By the logic used by the left, we should ban sharks, stingrays and the like.

Technology to turn coal, into oil. Nope, can’t do that. China is. China will also be drilling not that damn far off coastal Florida, what happens if that gets screwed? Who will the Left blame? Why of course the U.S., NOT their brethren in ideology, China.

My idea to catch and kill those sharks that just will not listen, is to use Democrats for bait, then kill those sharks, that don’t get it. This includes using all persons connected with PETA. (usually radical Democrats)

Had WE started this, the very first time, someone uttered the old “ten to fifteen years”, this nation would have already been as free as we could be, against those greasy, filthy, rich Islamists and South Americans (that means you, Hugho) that sell oil to us and still preach and act on hatred of America through wars on civilization, in the most cowardly way.

4 Responses to “Democrats Throwing Up Scarecrows and Bogeymen. They always do, they’re cowards”

  1. Ash Says:

    Chernobyl shouldn’t be used as an argument against nuclear power. That argument is just silly. Chernobyl happened in a country which is not at all known for safety, it was unstable, and it happened because all the warning signs were completely ignored. It was entirely preventable. The warning signs that there was a problem were completely ignored! That’s hardly a justification for saying that the US, with a lot of security standards, cannot achieve perfectly safe nuclear power stations.

    As for “…we should ban sharks, stingrays and the like.”, some of our prime idiots over here in Australia actually called for that after the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. That is, when they weren’t saying that we should collect all the stingrays and put them in a special tank to protect them from vigilantes.

    We breed ’em clever in Australia.

  2. Ash Says:

    I must disclose: I passionately hated Steve Irwin, although I certainly wasn’t happy to hear of his death.

  3. Rebecca H Says:

    I’m all for nuclear power, and would even welcome those jobs here in my county, despite the fact that all the elderly, genteel Quakers here would have a nervous fit and die of the frights. But then I grew up in oil country (Texas), so perhaps I don’t have the proper fear of energy production and capitalism.

  4. Dminor Says:

    Dorothy: “How can you talk if you don’t have a brain?”
    Scarecrow: “Some people without brains do a lot of talking.”

    Timeless stuff.

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