Received this email, from Alec Rawls last evening. It concerns Blogs posting on the Flight ’93 Memorial, which this Blog has

WordPress Blogs seem NOT to be affected, hopefully it will stay that way. Because of the below email, I’m going to become a bit more strident, (he he he) on my E-Blogger site with Obama AND the Flight ’93 Memorial, just to see what occurs. God, I do love confrontation…I really do. Brings a smile to my other wise sullen face. 🙂

Google’s “spam blog” filter flagged my blog earlier this year, but a human being looked at it in a couple of days and determined that, even the same blogburst posts are showing up on quite a few sites, this is individually posted information, not spam. If they were being efficient, they would note that the same conclusion applies to all blogburst participants, and they don’t have to keep going and looking at every blog that gets flagged on this. Just clear the blogburst as a group. Still, it is not too surprising if they are not that advanced.

The only new bit that sounds worrisome is that blogs are actually being blocked. I got a notice that I was being investigated, but was never actually blocked.

Perhaps they are just trying a more aggressive approach, or it could be they are being political, as I heard seemed to be the case with some blocked Obama bloggers.

If Google doesn’t fix this, let me know. Maybe we can make some blogburst noise about it.

My reply was YES to both.

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3 Responses to “Received this email, from Alec Rawls last evening. It concerns Blogs posting on the Flight ’93 Memorial, which this Blog has”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    Blogger and Blogspot are just crappy hosts, subject to a weakness in their software that they’ve apparently yet to address.

    That’s why I recommended WordPress to friends who blogged on Blogpot. It happened to me about three times before I gave up blogging.

  2. tizona Says:

    Well Jesus Rebecca dear, don’t give up blogging now, for Christ sakes, huh? 😉

  3. PyschedelicArtistLSD Says:

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