Britain safe from terror threat


Briton’s can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that both of these planes are protecting them.

Yes, both. Britain has just two of these 40 year old surveillance planes in its arsenal to cover Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and West Yorkshire.

No, this story smells like bullshit. No doubt someone, somewhere within MI5 weighed up the costs of actually purchasing equipment capable of this kind of surveillance and ways to deploy them, then decided it would be much more helpful if terrorists didn’t use mobile phones or Wi-Fi, and so released the above story to deter them.

Charlie’s Space

How in the hell do the Brits keep comin’ up with these Theo Sparkian, type chaps? Brilliant.

2 Responses to “Britain safe from terror threat”

  1. TimH Says:

    It’s disinformation, for sure 🙂

  2. swampie Says:

    Dang. No T-shirts for chicks that cut trees up with chainsaws and burn ’em in the fireplace.

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