All these green taxes and rules are just witless nods to fashion

The measures on ‘gas-guzzling’ cars, policing of wheelie bins and surcharges on plastic bags are based on scientific fads and, often, the government’s greed for taxpayers’ money, says Rod Liddle. The Third World won’t pay the price, and nor will big business — but we will

Wonderful read at, Spectator UK


For one weekend each year every beach in this peaceful part of the world is taken over by gypsies, and the locals (and the handful of Western tourists) steer well clear and lock up their possessions, daughters, etc. I wandered along the shoreline of one previously idyllic cove just as the pikeys were packing up to leave on Sunday evening. And I had a brief epiphany; one toothless old hag was scurrying from caravan to caravan picking up every bit of rubbish she could find — until, in the end, she was weighed down with a ton of plastic sheeting, carrier bags, cellophane wrappers, mysterious bits of rusted metal and the like, and made her way to the wheelie skip by the side of the road which the authorities install at this time every summer.

There you are, you bigoted pig, I muttered to myself — how’s that for the explosion of one of your nasty little stereotypes? Gypsies, or some of them, are no less environmentally aware than the best of us, I thought shamefacedly — you have just swallowed gallons of racist propaganda about travellers, so let this be a lesson, etc. And then, as I watched, the hag dragged herself past the skip, crossed the road and with one fantastically athletic heave, deposited her haul of junk in the wildlife conservation area which fringes the beach. Then — and I kid you not — she went back to her caravan and appeared moments later with a large refrigerator which with laborious effort and much grunting she dragged across the road and tipped into the very same place.


Perhaps Tizona’s has a resident troll,

Perhaps he can’t get through.

Perhaps, as well, on Bolta’s roll,

And should do what his brother did, too.

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Shyster-Politician John Edwards Admits Philandering, Lying

Shocker! /sarcasm

“John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an extramarital affair with a novice filmmaker, the former Senator admitted to ABC News today.

In an interview for broadcast tonight on Nightline, Edwards told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he did not love her.”

Well, that’s a relief. He cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, but it’s OK because he didn’t love Rielle, he just wanted some strange. What a scumbag.

OK, before starting on the shit to do list…Where in the hell is Swinish? Same goes for Texas Bob.

Not that he MUST be here, just want to know if the fellow is OK. Haven’t heard shit from him nor about him

Tex, is up to his butt, in our military making sure we can type this shit, safely. I’ve checked what I think are correct links, concerning KIA’s in Afghanistan and Iraq…No listing (thank God) for an Issac. Last I heard in an email, he was in Germany and had been promoted to Major.

BTW, guess who’s back?

Check out CNN’s next Business Traveller to see who.

Actually like the guy, so go easy.

Much more pissed (and not just the soju) at CNN going so freakin’ easy on Obama whilst laying their gimp boot into McCain… again, and again… and again.

But wait! Surely, of course, the MSM would never be so biased… surely.

Because I can, Obama…

Don’t tell me to check my tire pressure to save the planet, you twat.

Russian Army Moving Against Georgian Forces Controlling Capital of Breakaway Province South Ossetia

Fox News

BREAKING NEWS:Russia will cut all air communications with Georgia from midnight on Friday, a spokeswoman for the Russian Transport Ministry told Reuters

Developing Story, will be updated; read previous story below:

Parts of Russia’s 58th Army — including 150 tanks and armored vehicles — reportedly were moving Friday on the capital of South Ossetia after Georgian troops entered the city in an attempt to crush separatist forces seeking to control the breakaway province.

Kakha Lamaia, a member of Georgia’s National Security Council, told Reuters the two countries are “very close” to war, if not already at war.

“If it’s not war, then we are very close to it,” Lamaia said. “The Russians have invaded Georgia and we are under attack.”

President Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reportedly were discussing the Georgia crisis after attending the opening of the Beijing Olympic games. The U.S. has called for an immediate cease-fire between Russia and Georgia.

What? No anti-war protests? Does Georgia NOT have oil? Does the Left NOT know, that Putin, anglicized is Bush?


UN Security Council Fails to Agree on Georgia via Instapundit

Yes indeed, I knew the UN, would get it dUNe. Shit!


So the Olympics Opening Ceremony is over.

An amazing spectacle with Heads of State in attendance galore.

But not Georgia’s Mikhail Saakashvili.

He’s back in Georgia watching his country being attacked by Russia right now… literally at the same time everyone else, Putin included, watched the ceremony… err, Olmpics, that is.

Who are the goodies. Who are the baddies?

Either way, back to reality.

STRESSING AN OBAMA ASSASSINATION THREAT, while editing out a threat to Bush from the same guy. CNN & CBS Edit Out Threat To President’s Life

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What’s this?

Why, it’s none other than Al Gore’s new houseboat, appropriately names B.S. One.

Is there no end to this man’s hypocrisy?

Pajamas Media

Obama: “America isn’t what it once was.”

Get a load of this foot-in-mouth-moment by the gaffe-o-matic harbinger of change. Obama was dropped like a bad habit… by a seven year old little girl. LOL!

Here’s the problem I have: Compare and contrast.

Obama: “America isn’t what it once was.”

Palpatine: “The Republic isn’t what it once was.” (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)

Clearly, Obama is a Sith Lord. Anakin Lightworker just awaiting his lordship as Darth Vacuous.

Get Ready for the Obama Salute

Via Instapundit I found this tonight.

Sign of a Jerk-Off Exercise

Sign of a Jerk-Off Exercise

Of course, this isn’t new. It was used by Spock in Star Trek: The Way to Eden, but I find it subliminally pornographic… and racist… since black guys are supposed to be well endowed.

Some have even found a Pink Floyd connection, but frankly I just don’t see it. Then again, I have a dirty mind, which is a joy forever, as Oscar Wilde said.

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