BTW, guess who’s back?

Check out CNN’s next Business Traveller to see who.

Actually like the guy, so go easy.

Much more pissed (and not just the soju) at CNN going so freakin’ easy on Obama whilst laying their gimp boot into McCain… again, and again… and again.

But wait! Surely, of course, the MSM would never be so biased… surely.

One Response to “BTW, guess who’s back?”

  1. tizona Says:

    Jesus, that guy’s face is enough to scare buzzards off a shit wagon. How ’bout this one? I saw that bastard in my biology class closet, when we studied the skeletal body.

    On the plus, he saved his mommy and daddy money for Halloween masks.

    Big question, who the fuck is he? I didn’t read that far down, if it was listed. I don’t blame the sardonically smiling shit, for not showing his name, though.

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