Urban Word of The Day….Destinesia

Urban Dictionary

When you get to where you were intending to go, you forget why you were going there in the first place. Not to be confused with being stoned, destinesia often occurs during working hours, and is the cause of much frustration.
I hate when this happens.
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Gang of Sellouts, Courtesy of a friend.

Human Events. Read it all.

Check this out:

Joining five Democrats to make up the Gang of Ten, five Republican senators tossed Sen. John McCain under his Straight Talk Express Energy bus.

The five Republican senators (Graham, Thune, Chambliss, Corker, and Isakson) should be renamed the Gang of Sellouts.

The Gang of Ten is a bipartisan group of senators who recently offered an energy policy — intentionally or stupidly otherwise — that can only benefit Senator Obama, whose energy policy up until this point was to tell us to keep our tires just as liberals prefer Fedzilla: properly inflated.

Whites in the Minority by 2042, U.S. Census Predicts

Tired this evening, so instead of digging through all my feeds, I just decided to steal borrowed, all my shit from, Fox News

By 2050, whites will make up 46 percent of the population and blacks will make up 15 percent, a relatively small increase from today. Hispanics, who make up about 15 percent of the population today, will account for 30 percent in 2050, according to the new projections.

Asians, which make up about 5 percent of the population, are projected to increase to 9 percent by 2050.

Ummm, instead of Islam as I mentioned, why don’t we hand the keys, to Mexico?

Report: U.S. Refuses Israel Weapons to Attack Iran

Fox News

JERUSALEM — The United States has rejected an Israeli arms request that would have improved Israel’s capability to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, a frontpage report in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said on Wednesday.

The U.S. warned Israel against attacking, saying such a strike would undermine American interests, the paper said. The unsourced report also says the U.S. demanded that Israel give it a heads-up if it decides to strike Iran.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak did not deny the Haaretz story and refused to discuss it in an interview with Israeli Army Radio,

“It would not be right to talk about these things,” Barak said, according to Reuters.

Iran is a “threat to the whole world order, and there are many actions to be made in the realm of intelligence and preventive measures,” Barak said.

The United States “does not see an action against Iran as the right thing to do at the moment,” the defense minister said, but shared Israel’s view that “no option should be removed from the table”.

HEY!, Why don’t we just fucking GIVE Islam the keys now, huh?

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Julia Child Among Spies Revealed in Newly Released Federal Documents

Fox News

WASHINGTON — Famed chef Julia Child shared a secret with Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg at a time when the Nazis threatened the world.

They served in an international spy ring managed by the Office of Strategic Services, an early version of the CIA created in World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt.

The secret comes out Thursday — all of the names and previously classified files identifying nearly 24,000 spies who formed the first centralized intelligence effort by the United States. The National Archives, which this week released a list of the names found in the records, will make available for the first time all 750,000 pages identifying the vast spy network of military and civilian operatives.

I had heard rumors to this effect…Now known as true. This lady could cook and in many different ways. Should you read the article, you may be surprised as to who else.

Tennessee Teen Fights For Right to Wear Confederate Flag

DeFoe’s lawsuit questions why other symbols aren’t banned, including the Mexican flag, the Canadian flag, political campaign buttons and images of Martin Luther King Jr.

Fox News

If American History is still taught these days, then The Civil War should be banned from text books. In fact, why isn’t that whole period banned from our nations documents.

What Fort Sumter?

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Say it Ain’ So, Hugh: Hef Pulls Plug on Playboy Parties

LOS ANGELES — It looks like Holly Madison is finally getting what she wants — Hugh Hefner all to herself and the winding down of his wild parties populated by girls wearing next to nothing.

Fellow girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt were nowhere to be seen at last Thursday’s EA Madden NFL ’09 Game Launch party at West Hollywood’s STK. And the Playboy founder clearly only had eyes for Madison as they canoodled in the back VIP booth, with Holly very much in her element and laughing a lot more than usual (for once she didn’t have to share her man).”

Cardinal Hefner

Cardinal Hefner

This is really going to disappoint my religious order. Hefner is our founder.

Eco-Terrorist Wanted: Lady Looks Like a Dude

Apologies to Aerosmith.

Under the cover of darkness on an October evening in 1996, Josephine Sunshine Overaker began her life as an eco-terrorist, officials said.

The long-haired, vegan activist, sporting a slight moustache, worked at times as a midwife, sheep tender and firefighter, but this night she ignited her own dangerous blaze, officials said.

Along with several other environmental extremists, Overaker slipped into the Willamette National Forest and struck the U.S. Forest Service’s station in Detroit, Ore., officials said.”

This is the kind of inbred sub-human trash that joins radical eco-nutcase groups. It is pathetic, but I also find it difficult to type because I’m laughing so much.

I {Heart} This Song

Rebel Yell, by Billy Idol. He ain’t anything special to look at, but this guy can sing!

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Robots Know All

A man enters a bar and orders a drink.

The bar has a robot barman.

The robot serves him a perfectly prepared cocktail, and then asks him, “What’s your IQ?”

The man replies “150” and the robot proceeds to make conversation about global warming factors, Quantum physics and spirituality, bio-mimicry, environmental interconnectedness, string theory, nanotechnology, and sexual proclivities.

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We Have Awesome Medical Professionals

Australia certainly has some of the world’s best medical professionals.

A man in Queensland had a sudden medical problem resulting in paralysis, which after some very thorough medical testing was found to be spinal dural fistula. The rather enterprising doctors cured him of his condition. How? With SuperGlue!

Is there anything SuperGlue can’t do?

Summer holiday fun in the sun; Gaza style

It’s that time of year again: school’s out, the kids are under your feet, and, much as you love the little brats, you find your patience being tested. Eventually, after clearing yet another dirty plate, or tripping over a discarded sneaker, you give them a well-deserved piece of your mind: “Why don’t you get out of the house and do something useful, like memorize the Koran or learn how to fire a shoulder-launched rocket?”

People are dreaming if they think there’s any room for negotiation with these guys.

“Some people just want to watch the world burn,” Arthur in The Dark Knight.

Sheer Genius

You know you’re a fantastic currency counterfeiter when you can carve a one Euro coin, and instead of the King of Spain’s image, you put on Homer Simpson, and you get away with it. Brilliant!

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