Andrew Bolt watches Kevin Rudd


Watching Rudd Do Little

Andrew Bolt today has one of the best assessments of Kevin “I Like to Watch” Rudd’s performance I’ve read to date — an absolute must-read.   I’ve pinched one of the best lines for my caption below…

Oh dear, the worst new programme on TV??

It appears that Channel 9, one of the big free to air TV networks in Australia is gathering up enough enery to finaly jump the shark.

By producing a whole mini series based on …..CLIMATE CHANGE…

In addition its finaly breaking the tradition of having news crews report the news, and having them read lines from this series in an effort to lend it more credability. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I Love Living in Texas and Being a Texan

You have simply got to watch this video of east Texas representative Jeb Hensarling collecting signatures for an energy diversity petition at a gas station in Texas. Hernsarling is one of the very, very few lawyer-politician types I don’t detest: He talks real slow in a cultured Texas drawl like an old fashioned country laywer, and that really puts folks at ease.

I love the elderly fellow who calls Pelosi “nuts” and says, “you can drill in my back yard!” LOL!

Texans rock.

Perspective: Deaths in Iraq 4,141: Deaths on Road 41,059

And, keep in mind that the traffic deaths figure was for the single year of 2007, while the US soldiers killed in Iraq figure is for the entire four-plus years of the war.

Another way to look at it is that the US has lost 10.09% as many soldiers in a combat zone over four-plus years as we lose citizens on our roadways every single year.

I just happened to read those two articles back-to-back and noticed the juxtaposition.

The Verdict Is In

The new Audi R8 is hot.

Click here for the details.

Polar Bears Attempt Multiplication

These two cute bears are in love. Ain’t that something special?

So with these bears attempting to create a little bear or two, shouldn’t the zoo stop them? After all, teh ice is melting!!11one!

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RIP Christie Allen

1970’s pop icon Christie Allen has died from pancreatic cancer, aged 54. Far too young.

RIP Christie.

Tony Abbott MP: Top Bloke

I have subscriptions to a whole bunch of varied and different email lists, and one of those is the email list of Tony Abbott MP, the former Australian Health Minister. And through reading much of what he writes, I’ve formulated the opinion “Tony Abbott is a top bloke, one I’d sit and have a drink with”.

Mr Abbott is a practising Catholic, and this often resulted in him getting loads of crap from the media, particularly in the debate over abortion drug RU486, and even more so in the weeks it was thought that he’d fathered a son out of wedlock, although later revelations found that the man wasn’t Mr. Abbott’s son. But now I’m getting sidetracked.

Tony Abbott, while still a member of Parliament, is actually out there doing something that will make a difference. Something pretty major. And now, I’ll copy the information from his email for you to read.

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