Quote of the Day


“Australia is not an island.”

-Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaking to The 7:30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien, 28/08/08


UPDATE: Angus Dei provides some appropriate musical advice for Kevni

UPDATE 2: More accurate map of Australia here.



13 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Ash Says:

    Kevin Rudd must seriously be one of the biggest ignoramus’ on the planet.

    Of course Australia’s an island!

    Does he even know it’s a continent?

    Or does he only know it’s a country, one he’s planning on running into the ground?

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    Well ya see, Ash, he hasn’t actually bothered to spend much time here an’ all… Maybe on his next visit here, someone will enlighten him 😛

  3. JD Says:

    I’m up late (about to go to bed) and just read an Andrew Bolt post where he said,

    “It’s time Rudd announced a trip to Australia.”

    Cold be he needs one a Miss Carolina’s maps?

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    And, of course, the interviewer let it slide right on by.

    Omega Male strikes again. What a moron.

  5. 1.618 Says:

    No! errr what he meant to say was it’s Asia… !!!

  6. nilk Says:

    I’m thinking that his intention was more along the lines of “no man is an island,” but being our Dear (incompetent) Leader, none of us are going to let that one slide.

    Yeah, sure, Kev, we’re a part of the global village, but why don’t you just fark off to the rest of the village permanently?

  7. spot_the_dog Says:

    Hi Nilk – he did mean a “no man is an island” kind of thing, but like so many of his little home-spuns (“argy-bargy,” “jawbonin’,” “rock ‘n’ roll,” etc) it just came out a clanker and tickled my funny bone.

    Can you imagine what would be the furore had George Bush said “Australia is not an island”? Lefties here are still harping back to the OPEC/APEC thing…

  8. bingbing Says:

    Have heard of the Left trying to rewrite history but reclassifying Oz? C’mon.

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    He musta missed the whole “Continental Drift” thing, Bingbing.

  10. tizona Says:

    Oooo sorry Kev, you’re answer MUST be in the form of a question…BUT (says Alec), it was fucking wrong anyway.

    Spot is correct had Bush said it, he would have been nailed to a cross on a hill.

  11. Rebecca H Says:

    Australia has the honor of being the only place in the world that is an island, a continent, and a single country all at once. Shouldn’t someone inform Mr. Rudd?

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