Courtesy of Heart: Sarah Barracuda’s Obvious Theme Song

EDIT: My ham-fisted embed attempts have been deleted. LOL! – AD

I liked Heart when I was in college. Hot rock and roll babes. Yesss!

Alaska Gov. Palin to be Named as McCain Running Mate

Angus, you are a seer, extraordinaire… :). All HAIL Angus.

Fox News

Please Tell Me I’m NOT Dreaming: McCain-Palin ’08!

Pawlenty says he’s not the pick, Romney says he’s not the pick, and Palin and her family hastily boarded a Gulfstream private jet and left Alaska at Zero Dark Thirty this morning.

Since The Drudge Report is my first surf stop when I get up in the morning, I was greeted by this:

McCain-Palin '08

Please let it be true!

Expect updates to this post.

UPDATE 1: LOL! Palin’s nickname in Alaska is Sarah Barracuda. Excellent. ~tents fingers~

UPDATE 2: ACK! Seems the report that the Palins left Alaska was bogus, and now all eyes have shifted to Leiberman. While I like Joe personally and respect his principles, I think he’d be the second worst pick behind Huckabee.


I suggested this was a good idea six months ago!

The Beef of God is One Happy Bull!

Note to Kevni from Australia: “I Am a Rock. I Am an Island.”

Via Simon and Garfunkel.

Remember, “An island never cries.”


(spot adds:  Ref. Kevin’s quote-of-the-day “Australia is not an island,” for anyone confused…)

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