Alaska Gov. Palin to be Named as McCain Running Mate

Angus, you are a seer, extraordinaire… :). All HAIL Angus.

Fox News

15 Responses to “Alaska Gov. Palin to be Named as McCain Running Mate”

  1. tizona Says:

    Screw the HTML code… :).

  2. tizona Says:

    No more “gigs”…Just sit, stare and tell us, Oh gifted one.

    OH, yeah please still compose and play your wonderful music. 🙂

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    I was doing my morning practice when the news broke, so I was a bit late with the update, BUT I DON’T CARE! 🙂

  4. tizona Says:

    Me thinks a pixie, put my code straight. 🙂

  5. tizona Says:

    McCain also showed the class of NOT announcing his pick during the Dem convention. In fact his words to Obama “job well done”.

    Unfortunately, Obama/Biden will not return above stated class. Their dirt pickers are scrambling now, for every piece of dirt ‘they’ can find

  6. Paco Says:

    Good one, Angus. A few weeks before the race next year, let me know your pick in the Kentucky Derby.

  7. tizona Says:

    Yeah Paco…Hey Angus, Tennessee Lotto. Actually the Powerball Lottery 🙂

    50/50, dude.

  8. nilk Says:

    Heheheh. The feminasties aren’t happy.

    On the one hand, it’s great that a woman is in the running to become VP, but on the other…. her politics are all wrong.

    She’s anti-choice and has a baby with Down’s Syndrome, she supports drilling in ANWAR. Wel, duh, she’s the Governor of Alaska so she’d have a bit more of a clue about what would benefit her state.

    This is the beginning, folks. It’s going to get ugly from here on in and leftard brains start imploding with the out and out horror of it all.

    It was bad enough having Condi as a high ranking pollie, now the conservatives could have a woman, and one who apparently believes in God(!) in the second highest position in the land.

    Go read the comments at my first link and enjoy the show!

    I really should have enrolled to vote.

  9. nilk Says:

    Blast. apologies for forgetting to close the italics gate.


  10. tizona Says:

    Palin Pros & Cons [Andy McCarthy]

    I think Peter really nailed the biggest upside here: “she has thrilled the GOP’s conservative base, which can now in good conscience give itself to the McCain candidacy with enthusiasm—not feigned enthusiasm, real enthusiasm—for the first time since the senator entered the race. This has solved McCain’s worst strategic problem.”

    This pick makes McCain a stronger candidate because it makes it more likely the people he needs — that would be us — are are going to rev it up. Unless and until he does something drastic to undermine confidence, I (and I don’t think I’m singular in this) am now over my two biggest worries: (a) that McCain will not listen to conservatives once he’s elected, and (b) that he will not go to the mat on his commitment to appoint conservative judges (i.e., judges who would be likely to invalidate McCain’s signature issue of campaign finance reform). It also shows that he does care about the future of the party after McCain, which I doubted. Today, I go from from an ambivalent McCain supporter driven more by fear of Obama to someone who can feel good about the prospects of a McCain administration. If there are a few million more like me, maybe the all-important undercard of Senate and House races won’t turn out as badly as some experts are predicting.

    Those are powerful plusses. I’m not worried about her inexperience because she impresses me as a quick study who will surround herself with knowledgeable people of a conservative foreign policy bent. She does not come to us out of the Council on Foreign Relations; she comes as the conservative governor of the state next door to an aggressive Russia which is flying regular missions along Alaska’s coastline — as Jay noted, she took pains to mention she is commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard. She’s the patriotic mother of a son who voluntarily enlisted and is soon to deploy to Iraq (you think there’s anything she’s not gonna know about Iraq under those circumstances?).

    This is the best day we’ve had in a long time.

  11. tizona Says:

    Palin will have to face Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden in a televised debate September 2 in St Louis, Missouri.

    One bit from a fair (my opinion) article, in The Guardian UK

  12. nilk Says:

    The christians are in favour of Palin, so this is getting more interesting by the day.

    Blast having to go to work! I’ll miss the fun.

  13. brad Says:

    Next post:
    Biden eats Palin Alive!
    She has nothing but untapped energy reserves in her forest of Alaska>
    But she is a Hot mama

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