WA Goes To The Polls… And NSW Should

The great Australian State of Western Australia goes to the polls today to either re-elect the current Premier of Western Australia, Mr. Alan Carpenter, or to elect the Opposition into Government.

This election is going to be watched with close attention all across Australia, namely because it’s the first time that a Labor State Government may lose power in more than a decade. This election could result in a shift in political climate if the Liberals win, because they will now hold a position higher than Lord Mayor of Brisbane, the highest position held by a Liberal ever since the Liberals lost federal government in November last year.

The Greens are doing fairly well in the polls, but polls aren’t terribly reliable, and I’m taking the polls in WA with at least a jar of salt. The Greens stand against many of the activities that actually give WA money to run the State, such as mining and drilling, and WA is currently doing enough of both to not only run WA, but to subsidise the less-wealthy States such as Victoria and New South Wales.

WA is the only State wise enough to go to an election, although the only reason it’s going to an election this week is because the previous Liberal leader resigned, due to an overwhelming media campaign after he rather creepily sniffed womens’ seats after they’d gotten up. An election is a good idea, however WA isn’t the State I would have chosen the first election to have been in. I would have chosen NSW.

New South Wales would have been my first choice. I say this because NSW has a government allegedly entrenched in corruption, of which the Treasurer was yesterday fired, the Premier yesterday resigned, the Deputy Premier retires next Monday, and the Education Minister doesn’t look too clean either. All of this, and the NSW electorate doesn’t get to decide who will lead the State from now on, the Australian Labor Party (NSW Division) does, and it’s not looking like they have much to choose from. That’s not a fair and equitable democracy. Bring on an election!

Andrew Bolt, as usual, has a concise analysis.

8 Responses to “WA Goes To The Polls… And NSW Should”

  1. TimH Says:

    The Greenies could affect the outcome of todays election Ash, but the way it’s reading over here in sunny WA, the Liberals could toss Labor out of government and that can only be a very good thing.
    To my everlasting shame I have voted for the Greens and for Labor in the past, but a while back I was hit with a big cluebat and this morning I’m off to the polling station to vote Liberal (conservative).
    Hopefully Colin Barnett (WA Lib leader) watched some of the GOP Convention speeches and has learned from them.
    Ash, I agree about NSW, it’s quite despicable that an election hasn’t been called, surely the people should get to choose which party governs, time for another election methinks 🙂

  2. Ash Says:

    You’re quite right Tim, the Greenies could. But for the most part, people won’t bite the hand that feeds them too hard, and they know that everything the Greenies stand for involves putting most of the WA economy on the backburner and ending the mining boom by force.

    Hee hee hee. I’ve paid you out on voting Greens ever since I found out, and in all likelihood, I’m not going to stop! (Typical woman…) 😛

    I really hope Barnett crosses the line and tosses Carpenter out, because I don’t think he’s actually achieved anything while in power, has he?

    NSW needs an election. I’d never even heard of the new leader, Rees, until yesterday. Apparently he’s been in the Parliament for 18 months, that’s hardly enough to really become Premier. I bet he’s spewing the same rhetoric with no intention of actually fixing or changing anything, and NSW has so much that needs fixing and changing.

    The major problem in NSW is that they don’t have to have another election for two and a half years, and Rees is hardly likely to call one, having just gotten into the top job.

  3. Gramfan Says:

    I would like to see all the Labor states fall like dominoes.
    One should remember that often Govts are voted out, rather than in.

    It amazes me that the MSM doesn’t bat an eyelid when people like Beattie, Bracks et al just remove themselves from office as if it is a normal thing – it isn’t.

    Hard to say who will win, but I hope it isn’t Labor, given that WA didn’t fall for them federally.

  4. spot_the_dog Says:

    Well, I’ve just gone and done my bit.

    If we get Labor in again, we deserve it. 8 years of boom, and what do we have to show for it? Like the ads say, name just 3 things Labor has given us with the proceeds from this unprecedented boom?

    *and a railway to Mandurah planned by the previous Liberal government doesn’t count!

  5. Ash Says:


    This is only a guess:

    1) Storms caused by global warming… or was that HoWARd?

    2) Ummmm…

    3) FIFO rosters?

  6. TimH Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have told you Ash, but you can payout on me anytime, I’ll take it on the chin 😉
    It looks like the Liberals will have to talk very nicely to the Nationals if they want to form a coalition government, I really can’t see the Nats joining in a coalition with Labor, that would just be shameful 😦

  7. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Tim, if the nationals do join up with labor, you just watch what happens to their vote in the bush next election.

    I’ll bet you my left foot it doesn’t go up.

  8. TimH Says:

    Wizard, their vote in the bush will go way down, for sure. Coming from a Scottish farming family, I know that the country types (Nationals) and the Liberals (Conservatives) are very closely allied, if the Nats ally with Labor, I’ll eat my left foot!

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