Obama Surrogates Behind Astroturfing? “Probably”

The Jawa Report just posted an amazingly well researched post that exposes ties between a Sarah Palin smear video an one of the largest leftist PR firms in America.

It’s one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever read, but I found it riveting. They need to keep working the case, though, because as I said in comments over there, you know they have, “the worst lawyers money can bribe” on their side.


Definitely. Just click the link again.

More. More. More. More.

7 Responses to “Obama Surrogates Behind Astroturfing? “Probably””

  1. bingbing Says:

    ‘Change’ my arse. Dirty politics as usual. Obama: what a flake.

    BTW Donald Trump just endorsed McCain on Larry King Live a few minutes back. Says it’s a great time to buy a house off the banks, too at the moment.

  2. Gramfan Says:

    Well done Dr Rusty!
    These creeps will do whatever it takes to get elected.
    (Sounds a little familiar 😦 )

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Brilliant bit of investigative work there. Long, but hats off to Rusty for pinning them as well as he has.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Link of Trump’s endorsement here.

  5. bingbing Says:

    Nasty stuff. Daily Kos has tried to cover their tracks that they played a big part in these outright lies being peddled by those so very close to the Obama camp. And like ‘cswinner’ would have done it for free. So who paid???

    More here. Daily Kos now-deleted screen shots cached.

    Cross-posted at Tim Blair.

    That David Axelrod seems a nasty piece of works, too.

  6. Angus Dei Says:

    HA! I just came by this AM (It’s 6:09 AM here) to add that update. Thanks to whomever saved me the trouble.

    Winner confessed, but in a way that he takes all the blame. I don’t think Rusty has gotten to the bottom of it yet, but the light has come on, and the cockroaches are scattering, from Winner through Kos to DU.

    I love to see lying, amoral, partisan leftist hacks squirm and sweat.

  7. bingbing Says:

    No worries, Gus. Gotta love having US and Oz editors. 24/7 @ Tizona’s.

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