Guest Post: Al MacLeod

My favorite Tizona commenter, Al MacLeod, just hit the proverbial nail on the head, IMO, so I thought I’d front-page his ass. 🙂

“What’s in a Poll? I am watching all the pundits analyzing the polls to death like chickens with their heads cut off..all in a frenzy, but why? I said it back i last Spring and I will say it again…I believe the country is in for a shocker like 1980. I haven’t changed my stance one bit, and in fact am quite pleased(although not surprised) that things are going as I thought they would.

Many do not remember that Carter was actually ahead of Reagan in the polls until the final days..virtually on the eve of the election. Here is a excerpt below from Time Magazine after the 1980 election dated December 1, 1980.

“The other lesson of the polling season was that the experts have by no means perfected the questions or the techniques that enable them to predict how undecided or unhappy voters will go on Election Day.”

“One puzzling phenomenon that the pollsters have not been able to cope with, or even explain thoroughly, is the so-called closet Reaganite. For whatever reason, people clearly voted for Reagan in this election who had said they would not.”

I am absolutely convinced that this is going to be an almost idential repeat of history. Let’s look at some similarities. Ted Kennedy took on his own incumbent President after only one term…when Roger Mudd asked him why he was running, he didn’t have an answer..he just mumbled something (probably..”I can use a drink right now”).

But, despite Kennedy’s mumbling and not really knowing why he was running against Carter he actually did better than many expected. The scuttlebutt at the time was that Kennedy’s friend and Father image, the late Speaker of the House Tip O’neil, was outraged at the Carter White House always stonewalling him and Carter’s Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan-whom O’neil would always refer to as “Hamilton Jerkin”, was always hanging the phone up on him-The Speaker no less!

Kennedy took Carter right down to the wire and right into the the convention..where he was “nice” giving Carter all of his remaining delegates (after he finally lost the nomination of course)..and he finally put a good speech together at the convention that added another nail in Carter’s coffin. Carter was beat up bad and was worse for wear after the convention. Carter would later write in his book that Kennedy had a vendetta” against him and blamed his loss to Reagan on Kennedy (Sure Jimmy).

Without writing several more paragraphs, I think it is pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton was the Kennedy this time around..and Obama was the Carter. However, this time it’s even worse. The female factor was not present then and no one thought Kennedy got screwed like Hillary was (except Carter probably thought Kennedy screwed him pretty good).

Other similarities were the age differences as you see now in this election and of course there are always the intangibles..which is key here, as it was in the election of 1980.

Does this mean that we just sit and do nothing assuming it will just turn out the way it did in 1980 with an overwhelming landslide for Republicans? Absolutely not! We must Attack, Attack, and Attack some more!!
Many of Reagan’s supporters, the “Silent Majority” and “Democrats for Reagan”, much like today with McCain’s supporters, attacked in silent ways..others in not so silent ways.

Does a Chess Grandmaster let up even a little bit in a “dead won” position?..Absolutely not! Does a top rated boxer let up and coast the last few rounds to what he thinks will be an “easy decision” because he is ahead?…He better not!!

So my fellow right wingers..I say only this..We Will win by a Landslide victory in November..But..Only if we keep Attacking, Attacking, and then Attack some more!!!!”

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think the polls mean dick this cycle, and I’ve thought for quite a wile that 2008 will be a McGovern-scale blowout of O’Biden by McPalin.

As “ze Doctor Dminor” would say, Al, “Ve haff veys uff making you talk!” LOL!


I think we can forego the three par rule this time round. – bingbing

Not a weapon the Right should use

Ok. So we’ve all witnessed the many blunders Dubya has made when giving a speech… (if you need a link, one wonders why you’re reading this in the first place) but playing this Leftard game of highlighting-verbal-blunders-as-a-demonstration-of-a-person’s-lack-of-competence back on Obama is pathetic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama: The Afroturf Astroturf Candidate

This gave me a massive LOL attack.

Original is at Snapped Shot.

And, thanks to Jawa commenter “trigger” for “afroturf.” 🙂

An Alliance Worth Keeping

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has written an excellent article examining the Australia-US alliance and puts forth a very convincing argument as to why the alliance should be kept.

An extract:

In the middle of 1908, Australians and Americans recognised immediately the kindred spirit of two rugged and energetic peoples separated by half the globe but united by shared hopes for mankind. That initial friendship would be forged into an inseparable bond through many struggles in the years to come. Ten years after the Great White Fleet left Sydney Harbour, American soldiers would serve under Australian general John Monash at the decisive Battle of Hamel on the Western Front. My father and grandfather would both serve side by side with the Royal Australian Navy in the Pacific theatre, turning back the Japanese tide and then building a post-war network of alliances that would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity in Asia.

He makes a solid argument for the continuation and deregulation of free trade, as well as the case for maintaining an alliance with Australia, and furthering relations with Asia. It’s an excellent article and well worth a read.

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