I Have The Video

I’m sure you men will hate watching this.

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McCain’s Debate Ad

Team McCain had an ad out hours after the debate finished.  Good stuff.

As someone over at Ace’s says: “John McCain is absolutely right.” Rinse and repeat.

P.S.  “I have a bracelet, too! It’s from  sergeant…oh, what’s-his-name…whose mother…Mrs. what’s-his-name….”   Did anyone else find themselves audibly gasping when Obambi had to look down at the bracelet to try and find the name?

Keep in mind that this is what was said of the McCain/Obama bracelets back in February:

Mrs. Jopek [who gave her dead son’s bracelet to Obama in February ’08] said she’s a “political junkie” who was once watching a press conference on television and noticed likely GOP nominee John McCain wearing a similar bracelet.  McCain’s was given to him in August [’07] by the mother of Cpl. Matthew Stanley, also killed in Iraq, and the Arizona senator’s been wearing it regularly ever since.

So Mrs. What’s-her-name only gave her son’s bracelet to Obama as a political me-too stunt, anyway.



UPDATE: Apologies.  The Time Magazine piece from February I linked to above with Mrs Jopek’s comments is now “expired.”  I had originally cut ‘n’ pasted it into my comment here, the day after it appeared, but now the original is disappeared.

This Will Bring Change

Here is a picture of Melbourne’s sky, taken about 10 minutes ago.

The sky over Melbourne.

The sky over Melbourne.

This will no doubt change. Within the next ten minutes.

Jim Adams, This One’s for You

Welp, it’s Friday, ~csssssh~ It’s beer-thirty ~glug, glug, glug~ and this one ~hoist~ is for Jim. ~ahhhhh!~

Godspeed, my friend.

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Democrats Caused the Credit Crisis, Part Deux

Long, well researched, but fast, fast paced video detailing how Democrat policies lead to the credit crisis. Did you know Obama sued a bank for not issuing enough sub-prime loans? Neither did I.

Of course, the Democrats are trying to spin their way out of this – they’re lying, IOW – and with the paleo-media on their side, most voters won’t probably figure out the truth.


UPDATE: Here’s a second vid by the same producer. Not quite as long, and some of the same info, but a different way of looking at it. I like the music better. LOL!

A Fear For Democracy

I like the United States, however, it appears that more sneaky techniques are being employed, and for some sad reason, I don’t find it hard to believe this stuff is being pulled. Via Tim Blair’s blogroll, I found the Environmental Republican. I also found this post on democracy.

The Environmental Republican is quite right. Good on him.

And in Not Going To Happen News…

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