Whatever makes you happy…

Sex and shopping make men and women happy.

In that order, apparently.

Safe For Work?


Fuck that.



Barack Obama: He’s a Joker, He’s a Smoker…

The Smoking President

The Smoking President

Two British Comedians Eviscerate the Credit Crunch

I don’t even know who these guys are, but this is brilliant.

One of my motorcycle buds emailed this to me today. Anyone know these guys?

Book Launch: ‘The Little Black School Book’ launch with Andrew Bolt, Mark Lopez and Kevin Donnelly

-via the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs):

A sensational new book, born out of classroom reality, is set to rock education practice to its very foundations by telling students how to get ‘As’ by exploiting their teachers’ biases.

Rather than complain, this Machiavellian study guide, The Little Black School Book, shows students how to exploit teacher bias and shortfalls in teacher quality.

In English and humanities subjects, where assessment is subjective, students can get ‘As’ for their essays by mimicking the politically correct bias of their teachers, while with erroneous teachers, to get ‘As’, students need to write the wrong answers, explains Dr Lopez in his new book.

The Little Black School Book: The Secret to Getting Straight ‘As’ at School and University
Author: Mark Lopez. Published by Connor Court and available for sale at the launch.

Book Launch with Andrew Bolt, Mark Lopez and Kevin Donnelly:

14th October, 2008
06:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Imperial Hotel, 2-8 Bourke Street (Corner Spring Street), Melbourne

More details here.

Bush Deafens Polar Bears

Add it to the list, my friends. Climate change will cause hearing impairment in polar bears. By your stocks in Polar Artificial COchleas now.

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The Fix is In: Partisan Leftist Hack Gwen Ifill to “Moderate” VP Debate

I’ve taken quite a bit of time to read several sources on this controversy so that I can boil it down to the salient points… OK, point. There is only one salient point.

1] Gwen Ifill has written a book called, “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”

The publisher’s release date is to be the day the next president is sworn in to office. So, if Obama loses, what do you think her book sales will amount to? Oh sure, she’ll still sell a few if McCain wins, but she and her publishers are obviously banking on an Obama win.

Since there is only one salient point, there is also only one pertinent question: How the Samuel B. Hell does this fact NOT instantly disqualify her, since she has an obvious and undeniable conflict of interest?!

I’ve seen Ifill work before, and she doesn’t seem a particularly malicious example of leftist partisanship in the media – see Olberman – more like your run of the mill deluded, indoctrinated, and brainwashed 90 IQ hack who owes her position to affirmative action, but still… this is very far beyond simply ridiculous.

Here’s the money quote from the above linked article.

“Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren reported the McCain campaign didn’t know about the book.

“It simply is not fair – in law, this would create a mistrial,” she said.”


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