Prediction time

My favorite eco (logical and nomic) disaster porn channel front the hour in just a few minutes.

Let’s see. What fare will they serve?

Germany rescue plan; fail.

Global markets down.


US; seemingly powerless.

Bush/rescue; ineffective.

Palin; no evidence.

Polls; Obama up.

Quick cut to SNL.

Weather; some disaster somewhere.

Quick cut to Blitzer; the best political team on television.


Miss anything?

UPDATE edit at 12:06 was a spelling edit, nothing more. Had ‘cological’ changed to ‘logical’.

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Amid this subprime, er, confusion…

Al Gore, with his always impeccable timing, has a new film on the way.

It slipped under all our radars.

Next year we’ll go all the way… (Cubs tribute)

Well, they may have been swept out of the playoffs yesterday, but the Chicago Cubs still had a terrific season, finishing  with the best record in the National League.   Was it the fact that they were under such pressure to end their 100-year losing streak that jinxed them in the NLDS this year?   In any case, as we Cubs fans are wont to say, “Wait’ll next year!”

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The Blind Protest the Movie, “Blindness”

In a case of life imitating The Onion, a group representing the blind is protesting against the movie, “Blindness.”

“JACKSONVILLE, FL — The National Federation of the Blind is protesting an upcoming movie they say depicts blind people as “vicious” and “depraved.”

Members of the local chapter will meet Friday night at the premiere of “Blindness” in Tinseltown on the Southside, to protest the film.”

This is so far beyond ridiculous that it’s impossible to know where to start, so I’ll just rant. It’s just a movie, you unsighted morons, and you can’t even see it anyway, because you’re fucking blind!

I’m still laughing. Where the hell do these people get off?

Blindness indeed, on so many, many levels.

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