“Here’s to Europe, may she go to hell in her own way”

Sometimes when I’m reading other blogs, I see a comment which just strikes an exceptional note and I think to myself, that one’s goin’ straight to the pool room.”

This response on Tim Blair’s blog by Wm Lawrence, to yet another Lefty proclaiming how much better it would be if America would just be a little more progressive, a little more sophisticated, a little more Leftist, a little (okay, a lot) more like Europe, is one of them.

Consider it pool-roomed.


Most of our ancestors voluntarily left Europe to escape its wars, famines, injustices and political arrangements. That some on this continent seem to yearn for a more european culture is only a testament to our political system, which has allowed them to become rich, lazy, complacent and effete.

They mistake european customs for sophistication when they are really just symptoms of the ennui of an old spent and dying civilization in the agonizingly slow process of committing suicide.

You comment that nearly all of the european political parties are of the left as if that were a net good. We don’t see it that way.

All the left is good at is stealing the wealth produced by individuals and using it to purchase political power for themselves. That power is then used to insulate the “ruling class” from the unpleasantness that their utopian dreams force upon the rest of us.

Our political system is based on the principle that the government is granted rights by the people and that it exists only to secure those rights. If that results in a system you consider to be extreme right so be it, but don’t expect an apology from me. Maybe you can arrange one from Barack, to go with all of them you got from Clinton, if we are so cursed.

The rest of the world sees individual rights as being granted by the government whose only duty is to protect itself at the expense of individual rights. I consider that Idea (with considerable evidence) to be dangerously left wing.

I suppose the illuminati of the left consider us “fascistic” or some other meaningless epithet, but let’s recall where all those ideas sprang from.

Benighted as we may be we are not the ones who are unable to utter a word which might offend a favored minority under threat of criminal action, who are unable to protect ourselves from criminals who invade our homes, or whose daughters are under threat of being assaulted in their own land for not being “modest’ enough to avoid attracting the attention of a group of “religious” thugs. At least not yet.

Here is to Europe, may she go to hell in her own way. I for one don’t think the europeans have much to teach us about how to govern ourselves and I consider those who would emulate their politics to be traitors to our constitution and unworthy to govern.

Wm Lawrence
Tue 07 Oct 08 (02:41pm)

Hear, hear.

More Cubs Stuff

Because you can never have enough Cubs stuff!  (Eddie Vedder & Steve Goodman Cubs songs/videos are here).




cubs_fan Cubs  Baseball

Mets Cubs Baseball chicago_cubs_2_win

sad_cubs_fans Lakeview Baseball Club - EAMUS CATULLI



An evil Sox fan sent me this one...

An evil Sox fan sent me this one...

"Hey, any team can have a bad century"

The Cubs' Last World Series Win 1908: "Hey, any team can have a bad century"

Palin Will Be Palin… Thank God (Updated)

The McCain campaign, staffed by retards evidently, has said more than once that Obama’s scumbag terrorist friends, Ayers and Dohrn, and his Anti-American Anti-Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, should be off limits as campaign targets. Well, Sarah will be Sarah, so just as she went around all of the corrupt Alaska Republican douchbags, she’s going around the Short Bus Riders in the McCain campaign as well… praise Jesus.

“CLEARWATER, Fla.: Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, tells columnist Bill Kristol she doesn’t know why Barack Obama’s former pastor is off-limits for discussion, calling his anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks ‘appalling.'”

Even Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the ovaries for this level of play (Obviously: Hillary had one child, while Palin has five). Palin is, in essence, telling the morons in the McCain Campaign Special School to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

If McCain wins this race, he’ll have Palin’s fearlessness and astute political intuition to thank. Of course, she’ll probably be blamed if he loses as well.

I’m really starting to enjoy this.

UPDATE: Ha! Watch this clip as Palin eviscerates a heckler at one of her speeches (It’s at the end).

Yeah, just a fluffy bunny. LOL!

Live CNN – sound down.

We Begin.

Axelrod grab. People loving loving Obama…

More Axelrod…

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And Now For the Good News: Oil Drops Below $90 per BBL

Oil briefly dropped below $90.00 today.

“Oil prices briefly fell to an eight-month low below $90 a barrel Monday on speculation that the spreading financial crisis will exacerbate a global economic slowdown and cut demand for crude oil.

Significant gains by the U.S. dollar against the euro also contributed to slumping oil prices.”

So, it’s a twofer: Oil drops and the dollar rises.

Why is the Euro so fucked, anyway?

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