McCain Campaign Wises Up, Brings Up Ayers and Dorhn

This latest McCain campaign ad is starting to go viral on all the righty blogs, so I thought I’d do our part. It’s hard-hitting factual stuff.

Perhaps they’re starting to listen to Palin’s advice now?

4 Responses to “McCain Campaign Wises Up, Brings Up Ayers and Dorhn”

  1. sooshisoo Says:

    Shame, they should have done it a long time ago. Hope they didn’t wait too late to finally go on the attack.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Good timing Id say.
    Just imagine what the MSM will do if the candidate they coddled through pre-selection (you know, the time when weaker/dodgy background candidates are generally weeded out) is shown to be about as trustworthy as a used car salesman?

    Obama wouldnt have survived the primaries if info like this had been “investigated” by the fearless truth seeking media. So the Democrats are left with a potentaly fataly flawed character as their candidatebecause the media wanted to make the story, not report it.

    Still as long as they can claim their loss was due to the evvvvil racist whities they will be happy.

  3. Al MacLeod Says:

    Senator McCain is doing the right thing. America needs to hear the Truth about Barack Obama!

    The day that Brack Obama Lied to the American People concerning his relationship with William Ayers and other cronies of the corrupt Chicago Machine and his connection with ACORN which I can easily refer to as ACORNGATE, is the day that the clock started ticking for his downfall. His associations with an Unrepentant Terrorist, his connections with Reverend Wright, a man who has for years hated America and wished the damnation upon our country after 9/11, and his connections with the PLO and other Islamist Terrorist Supporters was Bound to catch up with Obama-Sooner or Later.

    Americans should ask themselves a very serious question. Is this the man we want to have Anything to do with in attempting to “fix” our economy? What did he do with the Millions that was given to Obama via William Ayers in grant money? What did he do as Chairman of CRC while he was a “Community Organizer” for 5 years in Chicago-along with Unrepentant Terrorist William Ayers ”exchanging ideas on a regular basis”?

    Can we afford to have people like Ayers secretly advising Obama on what measures to take in a “fix” to the American economy (as he advised him to do with Millions in the grant money that was used for purposes it was Not intended to be used for-specifically ACORN)?

    Surely these are the burning questions to ask and I do not exaggerate when I say that the very existence of our Republic can literally fall if Obama and his Cohorts are brought into the White House. I call on Barack Obama once more to-Withdraw as Democratic Nominee of the Democratic Party.

  4. sooshisoo Says:

    My only worry are all of the people who don’t read blogs and news online. What they’re getting across the television isn’t near the extent of what Obama is all about.

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