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From The Statesman, the Paper of Stony Brook University, comes an editorial titled “Baring Arms Isn’t Right“.

The founding fathers bestowed many unalienable rights.

“bestowed”? As if the founding fathers were Kings ordained by God to bestow rights?

…One of these unalienable rights is the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution — the right to bare arms.

Yes, the right to go without sleeves. Which includes short sleeved shirts, jerseys, tank tops, and, thanks to technological advances, bikini tops. But the author, Steven Mrozik, disagrees with American’s right to bare arms.

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Devastating: Obama Tied to ACORN, Obama’s Tactics to Credit Crisis

This is the best video with background on the credit crisis yet. Obama worked with ACORN, and filed suits to force lenders to make NINJA loans – No Income, No Job, no Assets – which are exactly what got us into this crisis. It started with Carter in 1977. I’m sorry – deeply sorry – because I voted for Carter when I was an 18 year-old leftard.

Oh, and all of you Europeans who think the US should elect Obama, I have a question for you. Now that you know Obama and his cohorts caused the credit crisis, which has spread to YOUR markets, do you still think we should elect him? You’re fools if you do.

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