What is to be done?

Ive been doing some thinking (it happens…) about the state of the world in general, and the threat posed by radical Islam in particular.


From my personal experiences dealing with (mainly) moderate Muslims in detention centers, a trip to Dubai, seeing Christmas Islanders version of Islam, and extensive reading I have formulated a plan to weaken and challenge the fanatics.

First off I don’t accept that Islam as a religion HAS to be destroyed. Weakened and challenged, much as the Catholic Church has been in the last 300 or so years, but not eradicated. Military might need not be used in most cases but it does have to be an option if fanatics can “hide” with the aid of foreign governments.

My cunning plan is as follows…. Read the rest of this entry »

Computer Catastrophe (Update: iTunes Recovered)

My trusty Mac Mini got sick.  For no apparent reason, it started freezing up after about thirty minutes of use.  No spinning beach ball of death… nothing.  The clock stopped, and I could move the cursor, but everything was unresponsive.  I ran disk repair, permissions repair, my virus sniffer… everything I could think of, and nothing helped.  So, I was forced to wipe the disk and reinstal OS X from scratch.  Right now, I’m downloading all of the updates since 10.4.6, and posting from my ancient Titanium Powerbook.  Thank God for Airport.


Well, I have almost everything backed up on a 250 GB external drive, so I lost almost nothing… almost.


What did I lose?




I think I’m going to throw up.


So, how was your day?

UPDATE: I ended up taking the advice in this Macworld atricle that J.M. sent me (Thanks John!) to recover my iTunes library from my video iPod. The nice thing about the TinkerTool mentioned in that article is that it does nothing more than make the invisible files on the iPod visible. After that, you just drag the Music folder to your desktop, and drag the contents of the F-subfolders into the iTunes main window. It’s a bit tedious, but not nearly as tedious as ripping CD’s, not to mention that the stuff I bought off of the iTunes Store would have been lost forever. Fortunately, I was using the iPod’s HD as an external drive recently, and so the library was more up to date than I expected. Best of all, once you have the music library on your desktop, you can save it to an external drive, which I did immediately.

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