Sarah Palin Calls Rush Limbaugh: Unscripted, On the Record

Sarah Palin, while running to a campaign gig, picked up her cell phone and dialed El Rushbo.

“RUSH: This is an attempt by the media to make you stop being who you are. What it means is, they’re really worried about the effectiveness that you have.

GOVERNOR PALIN: Well, yeah, I guess that message is they do want me to sit down and shut up. But that’s not going to happen. I care too much about this great country.”

You’ve got to read the whole enchilada.

Sarah Palin is my ultimate fantasy babe. LOL!

And you thought it was ridiculous before…

US Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has undergone a titillating transformation to become America’s first political porn star – Serra Peylin.

What next?

What next?

I can’t really mouthe off and say this is just another Leftard act of creepy-weird. Who knows? Maybe some porn stars actually do vote Republican but I mean, really, could this get any sillier?

More (possibly NSFW)

Meanwhile, there’s hope for Australia yet. More of us would rather have her over for a barbie. Suck on that Mr 2% Plugs.

Im from the UN and Im here to help….

Possibly the scariest words in the world, particulary if you are a Timoese goat or a child.

However there is nothing to fear about this latst project!

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