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News Tidbits

  1. Party boy Corey Worthington’s mother gets a good behaviour bond. Shame about that $20,000 damage her kid’s party caused and which he will never have to reimburse.
  2. Baby named after Sarah Palin. This is surely giving The Age staffers pain and misery.
  3. It almost sounds like Kev and Smithy think they actually have any influence on the rest of the world…
  4. This is one of the reasons we’re in Iraq. We will win. Fortunately, some Muslims aren’t too clever.
  5. Some people need serious help and serious education in the potential damage they can cause. If the court feels it necessary not to sentence jail time if she’s found guilty, I hope the fine is a huge one.
  6. It’s the way it’s going in many hospitals, and I have my doubts that Della Bosca can easily fix the mess that Labor has created over a decade.
  7. “…I can get back on my own two feet and support myself and those who have assisted me through the hard times.” Quite a noble aim from one of Australia’s ex-servicemen who luck is helping out of hard times.
  8. Well, look at that. Chavez thinks Bush is a comrade, and far-left of Chavez. The only thing left of Chavez is the next planet.
  9. Sometimes, the courts get it right.
  10. I’m not surprised to see Theophanous in the news again, sadly it’s for all the wrong reasons.
  11. Sometimes, it’s necessary for non-essential services to get cut back so we have money to implement the incredibly necessary ones. Get on it, NSW.
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Macho Sauce Productions: Advice for McCain in Tonight’s Debate

Via the Jawas.

Why doesn’t the McCain campaign hire this guy and get him to appear with Palin at an event? The dude is just cucumber cool and he communicates better than all but a very few of the most brilliant politicians. Not to mention that his target audience is in Obama’s pocket for the most part.

In fact, since I came up with this brilliant idea, McCain should hire me!

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