SARAH HARASsment Syndrome

It’s a partial PALINdrome! 🙂

Charles has an interesting post over at LGF. A twelve-year-old has been accused of racism for wearing a t-shirt with McCain-Palin on the back, and Go Sarah, Go on the front. Is this not completely beyond the pale?

I thought of the partial PALINdrome in comments – SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND! ALL SHALL BE REVEALED!

But wait, there’s more… Remember the YouTube video of upper west side New Jerk leftscum booing and flipping off McCain supporters? Well, now things are getting physically violent on Lexington Avenue.

“Tough being a despised minority in New York.

A spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney confirms the authenticity of a story circulating on conservative blogs: that during a (rare, and small) McCain rally on Lexington Avenue and 51st Street in Manhattan last month, a hostile local grabbed a woman’s sign, broke it and hit her in the face.

One blog posted a redacted version of the complaint, which the spokeswoman, Jennifer Kushner, said is authentic. She gave the defendant’s name as Bernard Feuerman, said he’d been charged with second-degree assault, and that he’s got a Jan. 23 court date.”

Get that? A self-loathing Jew named Bernard Feuerman punched a woman in the face just because she was carrying a McCain-Palin sign! That’s right, leftard men hit girls.


The left has become utterly immoral.

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