Yeah, right. Obama hasn’t been in bed with Bill Ayers for years.

Honestly, I hardly knew the guy.

"Honestly, I hardly knew the guy."

The whole enchilada is over at Zombietime.

Zombie links to Michelle, too, who notes that Ayers’ book states that not only did Obama and Ayers live in the same neighborhood but that Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan did too.

Sure. Any court of Law will point out there is no guilt by association but it is all a bit (???) too cosy for comfort (Ayers, Rezko, Raines, Johnson, ACORN), especially if we remember Louis’ “Let’s give them the Farrakhan test” speech back in March. Referring to Obama, he ponders why this wasn’t given to Hillary. BTW, no mention of Barack’s redistribute-the-wealth socialist policies… no, it’s all about race (groan).

Why didn’t Hillary get the litmus test, Louis? Er, probably since Hillary didn’t live in the same neighborhood as you, Louis.  Probably since former terrorist, Ayers, refers to you and Barack in the same sentence.

Nice try at the cheap racist/religious shot, though, Louis.

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