Bill Ayers

Hahaha, and I found this photo at a radical Leftist site.

Living it up!

Living it up!

Eager to kill and cause pain, not so eager to die and feel pain

Finally. It’s confirmed. The Bali bombers will die via firing squad.

These maggots (no wait, maggots can have medicinal uses such as cleaning infected wounds), these Islamic terrorists in the height of hypocrisy considering they caused other human beings to burn to death tried, and failed, to weasel out of first, death, and second, pain.

Not so willing to meet their virgins. Hey, dickheads; if you’re with 72 virgins for eternity, what AREN’T those virgins gonna do?

They will die in agony some time before the end of the year.

About time and good riddance.

Apparently, they’ll have seven to ten minutes to think about the pain they caused.

The facts behind the rant.

EPIC LOLZ: Iran Detains Two Spies… a Brace of Pigeons

I shit. you. not.

“Authorities in Iran nabbed two birds believed to be “spy pigeons” near the country’s contentious nuclear facility, the Agence France-Presse reported Monday.

Both pigeons were caught near the city of Natanz, which is home to Iran’s uranium enrichment plant, AFP reported. Both had metal rings and invisible strings attached to them.

A source declined to mention what will happen to the pigeons now that they’ve been caught.”

As if any more evidence was needed that Islam causes mental retardation and paranoid delusional fantasies, and, I might add, I’m sure the folks at The Onion are kicking themselves for not thinking of this.

Eye of the Pigeon by Dave Gifford

Eye of the Pigeon by Dave Gifford

Thanks to Dave Gifford for the pic.

Sarah Palin: “She’s Not a Woman, She’s a Republican”

This perfect leftist reductio ad absurdum now appears on an Obama bumper sticker.

As one historically astute commenter notes, the Nazis had a similar slogan back in the ’30’s and ’40’s:

“They are NOT Men and Women, They are Jews.”

Dehumanizing your enemies is the first step in rationalizing their murders.

Finally, you have to love the rich irony of the Christian Ichthus under the bumper sticker. I have one of those on my pickup (Same basic design, but simpler: No cross). I meet a lot of deluded leftists who consider themselves Christians, and I’m not shy about telling them that it is impossible to be simultaneously a leftist and a Christian for the simple reason that leftism is immoral by every old and new testament measure. Just as income taxes are government authorized theft – Thou shalt not steal – progressive income taxes are government authorized covetousness (Jealousy of the poor for the rich, in this case) – Thou shalt not covet anything that is your neighbor’s. Socialism is evil for the simple reason that it is institutionalized covetousness.

I’ve never turned a single one of them yet, but that’s not the point: I get to check them off and delete them from my friends list. That is the point. This deluded Oregonian is no valid kind of Christian.

WWJD? The opposite of dehumanizing His opponents.

UPDATE: Welcome to all our Polish Immigrant visitors. Feel free to comment below.

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