Not All Celebrities are Politically Retarded

What do Darth Vader, Dirty Harry, John McClain, Magnum PI, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, Kid Rock, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Leann Rimes, Richard Petty, Dale Ernhardt Jr., 50 Cent, Karl Malone, The Rock, Kathey Ireland, Heather Locklear, Marie Osmond, and Rachel Hunter all have in common?

They are Republicans, along with others totaling 86 in this story.

Adam Sandler? I had no idea.

5 Responses to “Not All Celebrities are Politically Retarded”

  1. Ash Says:

    I’m completely shocked to note that they used the worst photos that they can find.

    On the plus side, we have some great people on our side.

  2. bingbing Says:

    #23 Yippee Kai Yay!

    #26 No wonder Oprah got rid of him.

    #33 Oh, yessss!

    #1 and #40 Let’s go easier on them.

    #42 Fuck youse all. I like WWE.


    #45 No wonder he split with Pam.

    #48 OMG. Mr “This is CNN” is a Republican? (Disclaimer: of course I bloody well know he’s Vader.)

    #54 Well there you go. Sucker punch.

    #56 Some joke in there somewhere about Superman.

    #71 Happy Gimore surprised me, too.

  3. Paco Says:

    Rachel Hunter? Kathy Ireland? How cool is that!

  4. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    We got Chuck Norris? No Seriously?

    Karl Rove? HA! We got Chuck Fuckin Norris! YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!

    “#33 Oh, yessss!” Damn right!

    Nugent and Selleck are on the board of the NRA? Cool!

    As for Fiddy, well he was a small bidness owner…

    P.S. Any other Aussies here paid up with the SSAA?

  5. Our girls are prettier, too ;-) « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] 3:  And Republicans are not all boring.  From an earlier post by Angus:  “What do Darth Vader, Dirty Harry, John McClain, Magnum PI, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, […]

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