Public Service Announcement Of The Day.

Found while searching for suppliers of latex sheets.

Speaks for itself, really, doesn’t it? LOL!

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Another Guitarist for McCain: Aerosmith’s Joe Perry

Regular readers know that both The Nuge and I are for McCain, but this endorsement of McCain by Joe Perry came as a total surprise to me.

I had no idea he was “a lifelong Republican.” I went to a music school in Boston, and I can’t remember ever meeting a Republican the entire time I was there… but I met Joe once, so I guess I did, I just didn’t know it.

Via Lucianne.

Huffington Post Political Writer Stabs Ex-Lover 220 Times…

… with a Phillips Head Screwdriver, Attempts Coverup, Fails Epically, Then Commits Suicide.

When leftist lesbians lose it.

Call me a heartless bastard – I’ve heard it all before – but this story strikes me as highly tragi-comic. In fact, stereotypically so.

Obama’s got to be hoping they voted early.

Macho Sauce has a Parting Shot for the Electorate

It seems The Jawa Report have subscribed to the Macho Sauce YouTube channel. I don’t have a YouTube account yet, so I can’t do that. Anyway, here he is again. It’s kinda long, but he brings up some of my favorite points, including that class envy is covetousness, and so is sinful. I love this guy.

The closing credits include links to other black conservatives, and the music is his metal band, Twenty Pound Sledge. Enjoy.

Thank goodness they don’t play cricket

Guys, you know I live here, and I’m pretty sure you know I love my job. And I love them. But sometimes I gotta wonder…


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For our American readers

What does ‘girt’ mean?

Stubbies; wear ’em or drink ’em? One or the other? Neither or both?

Which is the “more illegal” way to use your garden hose? Bong or intended use?

When you root for your team, what exactly does that entail? Explain what “root” means, in an Australian context.

Translate: Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca on the way to Maccas.

Do I like you more if I call you a total bastard or when I call you just a bit of a bastard?

In what context do Australians say ‘cobber’?

What lyrics are always added to the Angels’ song “Am I ever gonna see your face again”?

Just who is Charlene, that girl off Neighbours?


Rehashed from one of those emails doing the rounds.

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For the Wizard

Mate sent me a video on facebook using the ‘slide’ format. Not sure how to post it here. Anyway basically, it was a buch of clips of US soldiers kicking arse in Iraq. Soundtrack? For those about to rock… Read the rest of this entry »

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Let’s hope this situation changes

Perhaps some of you have heard that North Korea recently (re)iterated that it will (re)turn the South into debris.


They’re pissed off about political activists in the South distributing ‘propaganda’ leaflets, via balloons, into the North. El Baradi hopes they’ll return to the six-party talks. OooooK. The South Korean government says it won’t stop people from expressing their freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, after 10 years of the Left-wing Sunshine Policy (under which the North developed a nuke), initiated by Leftist president, Kim Dae-jung, and ramped up by fellow Leftist president, Roh Myoo-hyun, this disastrous scheme (of propping up the North Korean regime under the guise of ‘aid’) has come to an end with Conservative President, Lee Myung-bak finally putting the squeeze on the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

And about time, too. Take this account, from a defector, for example. Here’s a few excerpts.

“People eat rats and snakes. They were the best food to recover our health,”

One inmate, Choe Kwang Ho, sneaked away from his work for 15 minutes to pick fruit. He was executed, his mouth stuffed with gravel to prevent him from protesting…

If a female inmate got pregnant, he said, she and her lover would be shot to death publicly. Then, An said, prison guards would cut open her womb, remove the fetus and bury it or feed it to guard dogs.

(And from the same link)

Meanwhile, President Bush has made the push to crack down on rights abuses in North Korea one of his last missions before leaving office in January. He signed a law promoting the U.S. special envoy on North Korean human rights to ambassador and making it easier for refugees from the North to settle in the U.S.

Lee Myung-bak and George W Bush are right. More pressure must be applied.

Bing thinks this regime must be crushed. And what better timing whilst Kim Jong-il is ill.

Please read this (large PDF) comprehensive report from David Hawk of the U.S. Committee for Human Rights (or severe lack thereof) in North Korea.

And a bit of extra background…

Link to above video.

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