Questions For Tim Flannery

Andrew Bolt has up a thread asking for suggestions of what he should ask Tim Flannery next time they meet. There are some great suggestions on that thread, some of which are paraphrased below.

From Andrew’s readers:

  • Are you as stupid as you appear to be on the tele?
  • Scared any children this week, Tim?
  • What measurable statement would you be prepared to stake your reputation on and if wrong, would you ‘retire’?
  • Why aren’t you taking the stairs [instead of the lift]?
  • Have any of your predictions come true yet?
  • Have you measured the emissions produced by this hotel yet?
  • Did your arms get tired flying here?
  • How are the fossilised marsupials coming along, mate?
  • Where is all the water coming from for sea levels to rise by 80m?
  • Did you request a room on the top floor?

The comment that made me laugh (and I’ll warn you, lime cordial coming out of my nose is not fun) was from Boonarga in Queensland. Their observation about Flannery’s reliability?

Ask him for a prediction for the Cup. Then I will know at least one horse to rule out.

I have three questions for Flannery of my own, one of which Margo’s Maid also asked. That question is “At what point did you change your position on nuclear power, and was it influenced by changes in your income stream?”. My other two questions would be “Other than an understanding of scientific research techniques, how does a degree in paleontology qualify you to consider yourself an expert in climatology?” and “What personal sacrifices and life changes have you made to ensure that your predictions regarding climate change are not proven correct?”

I’d bet that he’s stumped on answering all of these questions, and probably many more.

8 Responses to “Questions For Tim Flannery”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Q: Do you think stupid people who are consistently wrong about everything should be told to STFU or have the shit beaten out of them?

  2. countingcats Says:

    To what extent would the climate have to fail to conform with the IPCC forecasts before you would be prepared to concede you were wrong?

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    My question would be “why am I so damned good looking and humble about it??”

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    “What is the ‘scientific method’, and how are you applying it to ‘climate change’ studies?


  5. eggz Says:

    I presume you aren’t using the room air conditioning, to save on coal emissions?

  6. Gramfan Says:

    I’m a bit late on this thread but right now I would like to ask Flannery who is going to win the Melbourne Cup?

    Surely he would know the answer! He’s good at foretelling the future/sarc off.

  7. Dminor Says:

    What kind of excuses have you prepared for the day this climate change hoax comes crashing down?

  8. bingbing Says:

    Better or worse? Climate change or climate constant? – With examples of when it was constant.

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